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Suit and leather

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Skyler White is used to being mistaken as a guy. With her short hair, her curveless figure and her mode of dressing but it doesn't bother her. She's a strong woman who needs no validation before she knows who she is.

But things gets a little difficult when she begins to work for Fredward Montgomery who thinks she's a guy.

Fredward Montgomery is the owner of one of the biggest and largest entertainment agency in the world and one of the most successful movie studio. He is the second son of the Montgomery family and he has everything from the looks, to the wealth, influence and affluence... And a broken heart. Fredward has shut himself up from the world or that's what he thought before his scrawny looking assistant wormed her way into his life.

Skyler have seen sides of Fredward Montgomery that the world is oblivious to but there are more shades of sadness and pain to Fredward than she has seen and more to be revealed.

How does the tomboyish girl find a way to open up and mend his broken heart.
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