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MITWAA - Love Will Find a Way

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๐Ÿ† 1st PLACE - New Author Awards (Teen Fiction)

๐Ÿ† WINNER - BEST FANFICTION STORY - The Literary Awards 2017

๐Ÿ† 1st PLACE - The Gloss Award (Teen Fiction)

๐Ÿ† 1st PLACE - Swasan Family Awards (Best Romantic Book)


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#25 in Fan Fiction - 02/03/2018

#42 in teen fiction - 19/02/2017


Sanskaar: You haven't kissed till now!
Swara: (twisting her lips to one side) No. For your kind information I'm a nerd and what kind of boy would like to kiss a nerd like me!
Sanskaar: (mumbles to himself) Any boy would love to do that!
Swara: What did you say?
Sanskaar: Nothing. Forget it.
Swara: But, I have a question!
Sanskaar: What?
Swara: How many girls have you kissed till now?
Sanskaar: No one!
Swara: Then what's with the expression, 'You haven't kissed till now'?
Sanskaar: My bad! I should have kissed a ton of girls until now.
Swara: (smiling cheekily) Wow Sanskaar, great stamina!
Sanskaar: Thanks! Now let's go.
Swara: Okay! Wait. Wait. One more question!
Sanskaar: (shocked) One more!
Swara: Will I get pregnant if we kiss?

That's when Sanskaar Maheshwari realizes that even the drunk Ms. Swara Ahuja has the potential to make his heart go crazy.
Swara Ahuja was the perfect definition of a nerd. All she ever cared about other than her family were her books. But apparently the things weren't meant to go the way she had planned. One fateful day, Sanskaar Maheshwari entered her life like a whirlwind and turned everything upside down. For him she was like a mysterious adventure and for her he was someone she shouldn't get involved with. But what will she do when he himself doesn't want to let her go? Even more so when he finds out that she has a secret wish-list!

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