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I cry out as Tom pounds into me from behind, slapping me harsly on the ass. "Whats the square root of 4, baby?" He growls into my ear. Was he seriously fucking asking me this because I was a math teacher?


I squirm as Tom slows down, then slapping me on the ass once again, hardly.


I moan.

"Good girl."


Leanne Cason, 26, also known as Lea. Was a math teacher for kids who needed additional help, also a tutor for grades 9-12, and she has a senior student, Tom Kaulitz. talented guitarist, girl in his arms left and right in school hallways. Even Lea wasnt surprised.

Not to exactly everyones surprise, Lea is very beautiful to be 26. What will she do when her own student, hits on her? What will happen when he graduates?

Read to find out.


tw: smut: kinks. we love our kinky bitches <33
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