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Falling For Him♡ {COMPLETED}

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The sequel of 'The billionaire want me♡'

This is Alaïa's story.

Alaïa knight, daughter of Xavier knight. They moved away to another city and Alaïa bought her friends with her.

Xander Sinclair, a soccer player also known as the badboy of the school. He was always cold and do not have many friends. He also has a secret that no one knows about.

What will happen when Alaïa will meet Xander? Read out to find out about their journey.


"Don't call me baby Cynthia and if anyone has anything to say, they can come to me directly. You don't have to do anything." He stated releasing her wrist. He looked around making every student to lower their gaze.

He had this much power...

He glanced at me briefly before turning back to them.

"If anyone has anything to say, they may say it now." Xander said looking at them.

"Xander.. babe you know everyone is accusing you to be with her. You just have to tell them that it wasn't you. You can tell them it was her that trap you." Cynthia said making me more annoyed.

"For the last time stop with the nickname! I don't give a fuck about what the rumours are but i won't let anyone accuse her or blame her. I don't think that i owe anyone an explanation." Xander spoke and everyone listen to him silently. "So now do me a favour. Go and around and tell anyone you know that if i ever find anyone talking shit about her or ever pin point at her. I won't care of the gender before doing anything."

(A/N The first chapter might be boring but it get better after. There are also a lot mistakes so please forgive me. I promise i will edit it later.

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