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"Hands down one of the best books I've read on Wattpad! I absolutely love this story! ❤" - DilettanteAmateur

Lennon opened her apartment door to find Kade standing on the other side. He wore a bored expression, his hands in his pockets. His whole appearance reeked of hard earned casualness. His dark brown hair was carelessly pushed off to the side. He had dark eyes and handsome, defined features.

"Hi," she said.

It was one thing to see his face in the magazines or on TV but another thing to have him standing at her front door.

"Please, come in," she said after a brief pause.

"Let's get some things straight," he said, breezing past her without a polite hello. "I'm not your friend or your buddy and especially not your boyfriend. Everything I say to you when we are "together" will probably be a lie. This is a job, not a relationship. And lastly," he turned and looked her up and down coolly. "Don't fall in love with me."

"Got it. Would you like something to drink?" she asked, a bright smile plastered on her face.

One year.
One year and Lennon will have the music career she has been working for. For only one year she has to put up with Kade Matthews, lead singer to America's number one pop band and newly reformed play boy. Or so that's what his manager says.
Lennon is Kade's answer to moving beyond his past.
Can Kade be Lennon's as well?

"This book has been breaking down so many cliches I'm impressed 👏👏👏" - Yokuwakaranai

"This book was a breath of fresh air! 💕" - ToryJasper

"This book is amazing and their feelings toward each other were played perfectly and at the right time. ❤" - SurabhiiiA

"...I just wanted you to know that your ability to write realistic and interesting characters that make you want to go 16 hours without sleeping(as I did) is an amazing gift..." - triplem010314

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Started August 12th 2016
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