Trapped in my own head

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She is an outcast. She finds it easier to express what she feels in the form of writing. Whether it is poems, letters or long texts. These are poems that she writes trying to describe how it feels to live with certain mental health issues, in a world that disregards outcasts. So, these are on the darker side of the spectrum. Some poems might be distressing for some readers.
I personally enjoy consuming dark content, it's kinda like a coping mechanism.
I really hope none of you relate with any of these :)

I'll be posting only poems here, I'll try to be as active as I can.
The poems are not in any order. They are just the thoughts that pop up any time of the day.

(8.11.2023) PS: Please check out 'safe space'. I need your help to make it a real safe space, readers!

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