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Trapped In Minecraft

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Bailey, Callum, Lizzie, Joel, Oli, Yammy, Joey, and Daniel are all widely known Youtubers who are known for their gaming channels. They are given the option to try out a live testing of the new Virtual Reality Minecraft game that will put them in the game. But what if someone hacks the system and traps the gamers in the game for their own amusement. They must play to survive in the game and not get killed by the mobs in the game. They must face every challenge that their captor throws at them. What will happen to these brave heroes? Will their be love? Will everyone make it out alive? Read to find out!

Based off of the Anime Sword Art Online, there will be no death's in this book if they die in the game they will just reset to where ever they last slept in a bed. Just like in a normal game of Minecraft. Thanks for checking out the book and please enjoy it!!!
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