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(COMPLETED | UNDER EDITING) Fresh out of college, Veronica Odair is hired as a forensic scientist at the infamous B.E.A.R. Laboratories. She is put to work on the classified Tekula Project, but certain events lead her to question her job. What is so dangerous about Level 5? Why do her tests come back increasingly strange? What secrets are B.E.A.R. Laboratories hiding? Veronica plans to find out.


Brown eyes, nearly obscured by rich locks of dark hair, stare into my light green ones with an intensity which nearly causes my knees to wobble. I can hear nothing but the thudding of my heart beating wildly in my chest, the sounds of the sirens turning into white noise at the back of my mind.

I back up until my spine connects with the elevator doors. I shiver as my bare arms come in contact with the cool metal. "Someone help me, please," I beg.

The man stalks closer still. His eyes are fixed solely on me, unmoving, intense. His fists are clutched tightly against his sides, as though restraining himself in some way. Restraining himself from what, I don't want to know.

The man stops only an arm's length away from me. I stare up at him with wide eyes, my lips parted in fear. I stand frozen, unable to move. I shut my eyes, turning my head away.

Laboured breathing, the touch of fingertips on my bare shoulder, breath on my lips. A heavy, deep inhale. Slow exhale. A forehead against mine, shaky hands cupping the back of my neck, fingertips sliding into my red locks.

My eyes open to meet the warmest pair of honey eyes.

Cover by AnnaCharles16

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#1 in Young Adult
#1 in Lycanthrope
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통장위조위조う ⊙ ㉸톡ID: best3838 텔레그램: MW6969  ⊙ ▣졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조

통장위조위조う ⊙ ㉸톡ID: best3838 텔레그램: MW6969 ⊙ ▣졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조

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【졸업증명서위조】 ▷㉸톡ID: best3838 ▷텔레그램:: MW6969 【졸업장위조】【신분증위조】 ✍【각종서류위조업체】 ✍✉메일:[email protected]【대학교졸업증명서위조】▷㉸톡ID: best3838 ▷텔레그램:: MW6969 신용✅안전✅신속✅보안✅업계최고✅…

Our Senior Year

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This story is all fantasy!Sunghoon and Jake.. Both princes of a hidden country closed off of others. Two family's rule the country, though they decided they need to unite.. Through their sons.Started: March 2nd 2024 [2/3/2024]Finished: not finished…

Daisy | Simon Riley

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With a threat growing in the shadows, Lieutenant Drew "Daisy" Farrell is sought out for TF141, an elite squad of soldiers trained to deal with the world's most serious threats. The transition onto the team goes smoothly, except for the animosity between her and her fellow task force Lieutenant.Despite the anger between them, Lieutenant Simon "Ghost" Riley --the grumpy-ass, arrogant, rude, frustrating, control freak of a man-- manages to distract her with his coffee-colored eyes and sinful touches, leaving her cursing him in more ways than one. But as the target terrorist organization avoids their grasp, he shows her exactly what she can have if she simply listens.⁂For anyone else who is feral over Simon Riley and enemies to lovers, this is for you ;) This story contains a lot of smutty chapters, however, there is still plenty of plot to go along with it. Chapters will be noted if they have smut... in case you're curious...This story does NOT follow the video games, ie. Soap's not dead <3 CW: cannon level violence, swearing, explicit sex, threats and inuendoes referring to SA*Warnings will be posted at the top of chapters.Excerpt: He turned to her then, stepping close enough that he brushed against her knees. "Is it possible for you to keep your mouth shut?" he asked lowly. "What? Am I getting on your nerves?"His eyes narrowed at her. "You're gettin' close to an ass-chewing.""Can't handle a little banter, sir?""You're insubordinate.""And you're sensitive."He let out a frustrated growl. It only served to encourage her. "You wanna take that thing off? It's hard to tell how you're feeling without seeing your face."A very obvious lie, especially when his eyes showed her everything she needed to know. He was pissed.…

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Defenders of the Frozen Dragon

Defenders of the Frozen Dragon

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King Mason of Caldera Cay, the king Defender of the Wing, found a child that appeared on their shores that is born half-dragon named Hiccup. Knowing they couldn't leave the child alone; king Mason raises Hiccup with his daughter Mala. Years later, Hiccup learns he has amazing powers that come with his dragon half. But he has yet to learn that he isn't the only one with powers. And he knew her.Princess Elsa was born of king and queen of Arendelle, and was gifted with magical abilities of ice. She thought that she was alone and nobody could understand what it was like to live with such a secret. But little did she know that there was another out there. And she knew him.…

Fandom Stuff + rants?????

Fandom Stuff + rants?????

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errrrrrrrrrr yeah…

His Little Princess

His Little Princess

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Lily is a 18 year old girl who lives with her sister and loves being little. Her sister introduces her to her friend Axel hoping they might be good together. Unfortunately Axel's ex little tries to come in and ruin everything. Will their relationship survive? Read to find out. Im not the best at descriptions but I would love for you to read my story. THIS IS 100% SFW AGEREGRESSION NO KINK. DO NOT MAKE ANY NSFW COMMENTS. Please and Thank you <3!…

a amante do dono do morro