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The Tatted Psycho

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[first book in Riders of Lykos series]

When Emily Hearst learned that her mother kept her father out of her life simply so she could use Emily as a slave, Emily ran. She ran all the way to where her father was.

She wasn't ready for newly found family, or the dark man that everyone seemed to think was a psychopath. But they all bring Emily a life she never thought she could have.

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a story about a girl from Kashmir who felt lonely. She entertains herself by always drawing fairies in her sketchbook or reading favorite storybook. Until one day the fairy who was always in the picture appeared in front of her.…

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Embracing The Unplanned

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"Ab var,vadhu ki maang mein sindoor bharenge"The Panditji said and Hriday took some sindoor with a silver coin and filled Aayat's maang with it.She closed her eyes as tears kept following down her eyes,she didn't even dared to look at him.His gaze were fixed on her though.Her face was covered with the veil again and he looked at the hawan kund."Ab var mangalsutra pehanyenge"The Panditji said and Aayat felt the cold gold and black beaded chain around her neck which tied her with him for forever."Vivah sampanna hua,aaj se aap dono pati patni huye"The Panditji announced and everyone cheered for the newlyweds.Tears kept pouring down her eyes while he kept staring at the fire which was lit in the hawan kund.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Hame laga aapke maa-papa aapko bata denge"He said in his defence."Unhe sirf apni izzat bachani thi uss waqt"She said sadly."Dekhiye hum jaante h yeh shadi bilkul bhi ideal conditions mein nhi hui h,aap chahti h toh iss rishte se bahar nikal sakti h,hum rokenge nhi"He said and she stared at him with wide eyes."Agar divorce hi dena tha toh shadi hi kyu ki humse"She said angrily.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Aapki plate kaha h?"He asked and she stared at him in confusion for a moment."Aap nhi khayengi hamare saath?"He asked and she didn't knew what to say to that?What if her in law's got offended??"Hum baaki sabke saath kha lenge"She said and left.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~So fate has once again played it's game and tied these two souls forever to each other.Now the question is how did they met or one can say,why did they met??She had a break down at the day of her marriage,He on the other hand is a broken soul.She prepared to marry the guy her parents choose for her,as her companion.He doesn't want a companion.She had expectations from her life.He has long back stopped expecting.Let's see if these two can sail through the sea of life?…

Yellow-cure Lab

Yellow-cure Lab

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Its a lab where they test and experiment on humans, they are children from the age of 7-17. the 3 Mains are number 250, number 450 and number 777.…