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Order Up - Splatoon3 Side Order

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(Agent 4 is referred to with They/Them pronouns so the reader can imagine them as their own customized version of Agent 4!)
Welcome to the Memverse!
In a colorless world of order, Agent 8 and their team destroyed Order itself and reduced it down to a being called Smollusk. After climbing the tower with each palette, every soul Smollusk absorbed into the Memverse were freed. Everyone is finally back to normal!

"Huh? That's weird... you're not like the other enemies coded in here. Why can't I get a solid read on you?

Whoa! You can talk?

No, no, I can't actually hear you. But I can see lines of dialogue in your code that come and go. Crazy, right? It's like I'm reading your mind!

Whoa... so "Order," the AI that runs this place, turned you into that thing? A "Parallel Canon"... Well, if that's true, you can count on me to help you get out of this crazy virtual prison. What did you say your name was? Agent 4? That doesn't sound like a real name...

Amnesia, eh? That's rough. Well, maybe you'll remember once I get you outta here...Well, as long as we're using aliases, you can call me H4CKER! Hey, we both have 4's! That's how you know we'll be a good team!

So, are you ready to kick some virtual butt?


I'll take that silence as a YES!"
May be you like?
Just a little salty

Just a little salty

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Salt won't stop chasing around OJ and pepper is super jealous because she totally likes salt. Paper is also annoyed because he doesn't get to spend any time with his bestie. They then team up to get salt to get the heck away from OJ. Does it work? What are the consequences? Once finished tell me in comments what I should do next! ( a story inspired by "It's not the same without salt" by @yoloclownperson) DISCLAIMERS: Not humanised, there is gay people, might take awhile to finish but trying my best, THERE IS NOOO SWEARING IN ANY CHEPTER. ( kissing tho )…

Short Stories
the way things go ೃ⁀➷  the summer i turned pretty

the way things go ೃ⁀➷ the summer i turned pretty

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❝ ... but i guess that's the way things go ❞ in which a girl rekindles her feelings for a familar boy. oc x steven conklin___updates whenever i can :)…

my darling violet

my darling violet

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violet jones grew up around people that she day she got thrown a massive curve ball, her whole life blowing up just within just two days.she now has to learn what to do with these new people that are supposed to be her brothers.will she actually let them in? will they know about her life before them? will she live a different life with her new brothers? or will everything just come crashing down?#47 overprotective 26/12/22#50 abuse 1/8/23#193 mafia princess 10/4/23#17 overprotective brothers 4/1/24#54 girl x boy 2/2/23#4 lost sister 29/11/23#7 lost daughter 29/11/23#52 Italian 29/11/23#1 siblings 2/3/23#113 family 2/3/23#686 mafia 20/3/23#17 Italian mafia 29/11/23…

Oneshotz of any fandom im in

Oneshotz of any fandom im in

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OneshotzzzBook cover AINT my art y'all i stole the image Bfdi by jacknjelifyUhCoughIdkJust credits here lolziesMy singing monsters by big blue bubbleAndIdkBugbo by bensilly…



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Secret World - Demigods at Hogwarts

Secret World - Demigods at Hogwarts

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Percy Jackson and Nico di Angelo are off to some place called...Hogwarts? With wizards? They have been tasked with keeping Harry Potter safe, which is a bit hard when he hates you.Harry Potter and his friends suspect the "new kids" of being death eater, their American accents are probably fake too. And the black marks just poking out from under their sleeves? Probably the dark mark.…

♡ The Ruins of Dawn ♡

♡ The Ruins of Dawn ♡

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Since forever it's always just been 13 year old Amelie and her Mum. They may not have been rich in money but they were rich in happiness and they were really close. But when Amelie's mum gets married to a rich guy she met at a pub, their lives are flipped upside down and Amelie is forced to move away from the home she knows and loves and move in with him and his 5 sons- and soon to be step brothers.How will Amelie cope when she starts to lose her mum to him and alcohol altogether? Will she suffer alone or will she manage to find comfort in her 5 new Step - Brothers?…

The Love Story In Tacloban: Hope

The Love Story In Tacloban: Hope

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Jizeru grow up in her Aunt/ Tita Katherine, until she became an Junior High Graduate and she meets Reynaldo a hardworking student.…

The Dove and the Crow

The Dove and the Crow

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Fae and Seth have been inseparable friends since birth. The one main problem? Fae is a hero and Seth is a villain. But despite this groundbreaking difference, they only have to pretend they hate each other - for the city's sake. Join Fae and Seth on a rollercoaster ride of daring expeditions, loyal friendship, and prehaps even love.…