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An internal voice told me to "call him," but I chose not to.

I dismissed it once more, saying, "He never liked me anyway."

I am stuck in my dilemma, thinking, "But maybe he does..the way he looks at you is different."

He glanced at me out of nowhere. My heartbeat quickened and I felt shivers.I pretended to look around as I averted my gaze.

"Has he noticed me?No, wait-my god-"


After switching high schools, Nina discovered a new way of life.She fell in love, made wonderful friends, and everything was good.

Ethan, a popular boy who would only focus on her and not any other girls, was the object of her hatred.

He has always kept her safe.

He used to annoy her.

She hated him deeply until she didnt.

She was content with her high school experience until something mysterious turned her world upside down. She was forced to move to a new city and stop communicating with anyone from her high school. But she runs into him again after eight years.


He was the key to all truth.

When she did not know anything, he did.

Will she be able to handle it after discovering the horrific truth about her families and the answers to her pasts?

Now she despises him.

He is cold.....

Perhaps she despises his cold shoulder.

Will their lives return to normal after all the hardship they experienced?


"Maybe Yes Maybe No?"


Started :: 8 November 2021
Ended :: 19 December 2022

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It is the first story I have ever had published. It has numerous grammatical errors and is still undergoing editing. If anyone is interested in the storyline or the story, please do not judge me based on this book. Better books are on the way. I am still improving and learning. Anyway, have fun ~~
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Dos hermanos que nunca sé habían visto en su vida,se dan cuenta de la existencia del otro al llegar a una hermosa Isla llamada QSMP.No se ve mucho interés por parte de un gemelo en reforzar su relación o siquiera dirigirle la palabra al otro.Esto causa que ambos sean mandados a una larga misión con el objetivo de ayudarlos a conocer más sobre el otro.Esto no podría terminar mal...¿cierto?!! Esta historia esta en dos idiomas español e inglés.Portada : @cherrymi0…

Please Don't Change  |TAEKOOK|

Please Don't Change |TAEKOOK|

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I love you (deletes*)I love you ❤️ Kook, are you pranking me ...?No, Tae, I was expressing myself. Taebear❤️ offline What will happen if our bunny boy falls in love with a girl who is full of insecurities?Will they be happy together or be apart...?Top Kook Bottom TaeTaekookYoonminFluffRomanceSlight SmutAngst (Slightest)No cheatingTextyHappy ending English is not my proper language, so there will be hell and a lot of mistakes…

In search of veracity

In search of veracity

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Anonymous crimes in the health clinic Kidnap of commissioner daughter lead to ultimate turn in the scenario and finally changes to an enigma...…

Through Thick And Thin

Through Thick And Thin

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Kota ends up falling for someone who wasn't a very good and pushed eri away. He finds himself in dangerous situations, leading eri to make a deal that she'll never be able to take back.…

Drone  Assassin  Reloaded

Drone Assassin Reloaded

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DRONE PILOT WITH A DEADLY MISSIONWhat would you do if,You were the President and there is a real and present danger of an assassin out to get you?In this case, Security Adviser, Dovan has engages the services of the Drone Assassin.Drone Assassin ReloadedMeet,Nica Peri is ex-military, expert shot both as long range sniper and close quarter battle, CQB.Loves to fly Unmanned Airborne Vehicles, UAVs. Develops a unique patent for weaponized drone with a double sidearm, dual view camera, for both his targets and victims, and himself, night vision, speaker and microphone, plus other astonishing accessories, and makes his services available at a high fee, through his secured, double encrypted email, Mr. Anonymous Handyman @max.After two or three successful jobs for the mob guys across the West and East Coasts, steps up his game when he is contacted by Dovan, head of the secret service, to stop a terrorist from assassinating Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic of the Niger Area, Bimas Tindo on May Day, which is regarded as Democracy Day, at the Public Square.A high-octane and explosive story of creative innovation and deadly competence, skill, manipulation and an attempt at riding Ajuba City of hoodlums and terrorist assassins, that has earned Peri the unenviable title of the Drone Assassin...Paperback Edition…

Three Hours Away

Three Hours Away

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[epistolary #1]trigger warning: si OA nakakamiss yung ome lalo na sya. luh?!? but for real guys.. wewzxsjkhhgd& siguro relate dito yung mga nasubukan gumamit ng ome diba? like grabeh! nakakamiss makipagusap don kahit ang rarandom ng mga tao well that's the point nakakamiss sila kasi ang rarandom nila like napapagusapan nyo mga gusto nyo pagusapan sa buhay nonsense o may sense man..ENJOY READING! MWAH MWAH! BOOOGSHH!STARTED: 03/31/24ENDED: 04/03/24DATE OF PUBLICATION: 06/25/24…

𝙐𝙣𝙖𝙥𝙤𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙘𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙔𝙤𝙪 | 𝘛𝘳𝘶𝘦 𝘉𝘦𝘢𝘶𝘵𝘺
The Darkness After Rejection.

The Darkness After Rejection.

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"When Sophia confesses her love to her best friend Jack, she is met with rejection. Heartbroken and lost, Sophia descends into darkness, grappling with the pain of unrequited love. But as she navigates the treacherous landscape of her emotions, she discovers the strength to forgive and heal. Will Sophia find love again, or will the scars of rejection forever shape her heart?"…

Board of Boundaries (Silver Series #3)

Board of Boundaries (Silver Series #3)

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Friendship or Love? That the choices that Celine makes when she is falling in love with his friend Vincent. But for Vincent, Celine is only his friend, but what if Vincent is the one who is above the boundaries of their friendship. Matatanggap ba ito ni Celine dahil kaibigan niya o Tatanggapin niya dahil kailangan lang.…