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"Keeping my attitude aside I want to love you unconditionally, show you how much I love you. All I need is your love and a chance to prove myself"

"I know everything is fake. Love is a joke. Its a game. I can't love anyone now. I will not hurt myself again. I don't need you."

"I will make you forget everything. I will make you fall in love again. I will give my best until I get tired. I will prove you wrong. I will make you accept me.

"Easy to say hard to do. I married you coz I can't disappoint her. Stop your fake attitude. I will never fall in love again. I will never accept you.

PLEASE I'M SORRY. I-........."
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A sad girl killed by loneliness

A sad girl killed by loneliness

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Trying to leave but then she failedTrying to begin this she made an endshe fall too early so she called him Nate Knowing she was Maddy so he fall too lateshe swore to hate him but then she liedLove was born between them then Just diedshe hided her feelings for so many timesWriting them down turning them to linesThe book knew her pain and wished her a deathher heart heard his screaming and love was nothing but a myth…



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A HYDRA experiment nothing more then trash forever lost in a lost mind, a wild spirt that wont stop.A forced killer nothing more, an unlovable creature with pain and nothing more then a weapon that SHIELD found.Frankie Zimmerman a harden kid with nothing more then wit and a quick reflex is caught up in experiments and Trafficking in her home country Germany ending up in the hands of HYDRA.If I make typos or i forget to but something in the TW or the TW at all please tell me, this is new so I dont want to be rude or trigger anyone-Finn…


"I'll always remember."

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Lee Minho had always been a dreamer. Growing up in a small town in South Korea, he would often gaze at the stars and imagine a life far beyond his reach. He had big plans, big dreams and an even bigger heart. So when he received a scholarship to study in Los Angeles, he knew it was his chance to make those dreams a reality.

He arrived in the bustling city with wide-eyed wonder, taking in the sights and sounds of the glamorous city. As he walked the streets, surrounded by cars, apartments, and luxury stores, he couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement and possibility. Little did he know, his life was about to change in a way he never could have imagined.

 Kang Lilly was a struggling actress in Los Angeles. She had been chasing her dream for years, but success seemed to elude her. One day, as she was walking to yet another audition, she bumped into Minho. They both fell to the ground, and as they looked into each other's eyes, something clicked.

From that moment on, they were inseparable.…

The Side Character Wants The Spotlight

The Side Character Wants The Spotlight

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Gabriella considered herself as a side character even in her own life who always gets compared to the Main Character, her best friend. She died after wishing for her Best Friend and its lover to have a happily every after, but returns back in time instead. Does that mean her best friend won't have the happily ever after she wished for? What will Gabriella ever do? Is stealing the spotlight from the Main Character the only way for her wish to come true in her second life? What if... it's not?…

Rating Heartstopper ships! ❤️🍂

Rating Heartstopper ships! ❤️🍂

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Some are cursed, and some are adorable.Also, I don't ship the cursed ones. I just wanted to give facts.…

GL2 BSD Designs

GL2 BSD Designs

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I'm making a whole new book🧍‍♂️…

Woosan- Trouble

Woosan- Trouble

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Jung woo-young is a trouble maker in school and has been expelled countless times. What happens when he gets transferred to a strict school with the perfect student Choi san?…

smut. fluff. angst.

smut. fluff. angst.

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i write smut on people OVER 18. it can be kinky or not depends. comment on my story and request people you want me to write on. will be no threesomes and also no incest or anything like that.…

The Tale of Y/n L/n (Male Reader X Dragon Age Series)

The Tale of Y/n L/n (Male Reader X Dragon Age Series)

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Sit down for a tail. a long and potentially life threatening to those who would here or read it as this is the tail of Y/n L/n a half elf tevinter mage, ex-Viddathari, Arcane Warrior, former magical advisor to King Callen before his death, survivor of the fifth blight, Ally to the Champion, Member of The Inquisition and The Vailguard but I'm getting ahead of my self as our tale is only just beginning so sit back and enjoy…