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Bad boy, introverted nerd.
Two boys, one Biology project.

When a Biology project forces Ryder and Nathan together, an unexpected bond forms between them. But there's more to this than meets the eye.

It's cliché, really. Typical bad boy x nerd.
But perhaps it's different than your average bxb story?

Only one way to find out!

WARNING: ✨Pure 100% Organic wholesome stuff✨
(Note: this book contains NO sexual scenes/smut but has a considerable amount of swearing.)

STORY IS 35 PARTS LONG (everything else is extra stuff)

#1 in #boyxboyromance [23/9/21]
#2 in #lgbtlove [15/10/21]
#2 in #questioning [28/10/21]
#2 in #wholesome [6/11/21]
#3 in #nerd [4/6/22]
#2 in #pride2021 [20/9/22]

Story: babbleduck
Editor-in-chief: girlsandgaysOnLy
Cover drawn by girlsandgaysOnLy
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영문졸업증명서제작セ □ 카톡 : VCD555  텔레그램: VCD555 □ ね졸업증명서위조,최종학력증명서위조전문,국가기술자격증위조

영문졸업증명서제작セ □ 카톡 : VCD555 텔레그램: VCD555 □ ね졸업증명서위조,최종학력증명서위조전문,국가기술자격증위조

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【졸업증명서위조】 ▷㉸톡ID: VCD555▷텔레그램:VCD555【졸업장위조】【신분증위조】 ✍【각종서류위조업체】✍✉메일:[email protected] 【대학교졸업증명서위조】▷㉸톡ID: VCD555▷텔레그램:VCD555신용✅안전✅신속✅보안✅업계최고✅…

The queens favorite

The queens favorite

24 4 4

a wlw story 😫…

Cold Neon - A Tale Of Arctic Night

Cold Neon - A Tale Of Arctic Night

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As the ocean reclaims the coastline, refugees from every nation are set adrift, looking for a new home. In the thawing Arctic Ocean, the Republic of Svalbard is the last place on Earth with open borders. Zachary Olsen, father of the new state, believes everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves the crucible of Longyear City. Earning their spot on his 'ark' into the future.Hara Sayegh and her sisters reach Longyear in the belly of an old supertanker, struggling to carve out a place for themselves in the concrete jungle. Working long hours in an abattoir, she dreams of earning a Million Kroner and qualifying for full citizenship. Little does she know that the powers that be set in motion a new campaign to make her dreams come true. As the eternal night of winter falls on the island of Svalbard, war is declared against the criminal underbelly, empowering citizens to earn a bounty. Forced to kill survive Hara discovers her proficiency at murder, pulling herself out of poverty with the edge of her knife.But with every hit, she is drawn deeper into the machinations of Svalbard's rulers and deeper into the alchemy of blood that connects all creatures.Cold Neon is a dance on the membrane of existence. It asks what it means to have a soul and what life would mean without it.…



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In an attempt to save his best friend from trouble, after having problems with Vera Agache the daughter of a drug dealer, he falls in love with the beautiful brunette and this changes his life radically, getting to know influential people from the world of drugs, to travel with Vera on business and at the same time manages to make a name for himself in the world of narcotics.…

Love Crises 0: Introduction [All the couples]

Love Crises 0: Introduction [All the couples]

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This is the prelim to the love crises series…

captured and married off to a Prince (shikaneji omegaverse Au)

captured and married off to a Prince (shikaneji omegaverse Au)

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Neji was married off to an alpha at the young age of fourteen. The man however only seemed to love him for his ability to produce strong offspring and continued treated the young boy badly Neji feared that his abuse would never end. That is until he was captured and taken to enemy land where a Prince claims him as his fiancé!…

My  Last Love

My Last Love

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Louisa Jewel Smith,an eighteen years old lost her parents at an early age. She was also suffering from a heart problem and a breathing problem as well. She had problems in relationships because every guy she meets and date only wants her money. That was until she meet Michael Louise Johnson.Michael: Louisa Jewel Smith, I love you. We were on the street taking a walk when he told me to tell him I love him but I refuse to do that when he told me he loved me. So he thendid that.Louisa: Michael what are you doing. Please stop.but he refused to stop.Michael: I will only stop if you tell me you love me.Louisa: Fine I love you.Michael:Was that hard to say.Louisa:You are crazy but I love you.Michael: I know right and I love you more.…

CatNap X DogDay
Cell saga with my crk ocs

Cell saga with my crk ocs

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Credits to Akira Toriyama Because he made the cell saga and I got inspired to make it with my ocs and i wanted to make it with my crk ocs…

Girls Frontline: Legends of the Ghost

Girls Frontline: Legends of the Ghost

1,089 51 14

six years ago after the Federation war, the war ended by year 2030 January 1st. When UN announced the Federation to dismantle the government and form a new government, but they refused, the Federation announced a new president to fix any damage during the Federation War. Now US and the Federation have become allies as two Superpowers in American continent.In 2065 present-day after the Butterfly incident, the country grew terror of some urban legends called the Ghost, it is named after the Ghost team that fought in the Federation war. Now the Ghosts are back, taking revenge of WWIII, the new enemy rose and the old enemy returned from the dead.reference: Call of duty Ghosts and Call of duty Black Ops ii…