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His Obsession

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Story about a normal innocent girl named Y/N,
who has no one other than her brother Jeon Jungkook in this cruel world.
What will happen when she will get to know her brother is in a mafia gang called BTS.

Kim Taehyung the mafia king, leader of BTS. Who actually rules everyone.

Who can have anything he wants for himself, any girl, with his power and money and cherry on top his god like looks, his handsome face

He is someone every girl is ready to throw herself on him.
But no one dares to even step close to him.

He is known for his cold, merciless and ruthless behaviour. Everyone is scared of this DEVIL. This devil can't love anyone, love doesn't exists in his book. What if he fall's for a girl? If he becomes obsessed with this girl named y/n?
Will she ever accept a mafia?
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