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Bad In Common

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"Everyone has a chapter they don't want to read out loud. Mine just so happens to be a book."

Allison Bridge. Hearing her name makes most people cringe. Why? Maybe it's the fact that she's the definition of a good girl gone bad. The once loving girl with the highest grades and perfect family now barley makes it through the day without getting drunk or high. Why not throw her into college? I mean, what's the worst that could happen...

Tyler Anderson. He ticks off all the boxes for your typical bad boy. Panty - dropping - smile? He's got it. Smooth with his words? He definitely is. Black leather jacket? Always on him. Bad influence? His trademark.

We've all heard stories about the good girl changing the bad boy but what happens when bad meets bad?

Double trouble.

Having no other choice Ally's mother sends her off to college with one last warning. If she lands herself in trouble one more time she's cut off financially. Things are about to get tough as Tyler enters the picture.

This is : Bad In Common
By : prinses1010

Word count (140 000 words)

Rankings :

~#3 Humor 07/09/2020
~#5 Teen romance 21/10/2020
~#4 Drama 25/12/2020
~#7 Romance 4/6/2021
~#1 Teen romance 09/02/2022
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If you love it, love it if you hate it, hate it. idc…