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When Lust Turns To Love

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"Dance with me." He extends his hand out and I hesitantly place mine in his.

He pulls me impossibly close to his chest, his hand gripping my waist as he bends his head down to press it against my forehead.

The music began and we started our waltz. Shuffling our feet and spinning in circles to the rhythmic melody. His ocean eyes met mine, causing my knees to buckle but he just gripped onto me tighter.

I inhale the sweet smell of the whiskey laced within his breath, allowing it to intoxicate me before he speaks again.

"God Elena. Why does it have to be you?"


Women with no money, no home and no family have only one option left.
Selling themselves.
This was Elena Hernandez's last option in order to save someone she loves. But did she make the right choice?

Raffaello Moretti. The cold-blooded leader of the notorious Italian Mafia. He needed a poor, simple girl who would fit the part of becoming his fake wife.

When he spots Elena at the auction, he knows that she would be the perfect fit.
But all this scheming comes at a price...

One NDA. One man afraid of love. One woman who can't be without it. One shot at falling in love.

This is what happens when lust turns to love.

Mature content
Adult language
Mention of abuse including sexual abuse
Examples of self harm

#1 in sell

A/N~ The Elena in this book is NOT related to the one in my other book, Aces & Spades. (This is a slow burn romance so please be patient)!
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