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We Weren't Acting

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Warning this book is rough. Not edited.

We wanted privacy. We wanted a normal relationship with no high expectations. But that's hard when you have a whole fan base keeping tabs on your relationship. With that comes no privacy and very high expectations.

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"I know you weren't acting just then," his voice rumbles, as he whispers in my ear, making sure all the cameramen around us are distracted.

"I know you were thinking of me when 'Oliver' was rubbing your thigh," he says while kissing my earlobe quickly and secretly so no one can see.

I let out a small gasp knowing he's right.

I was supposed to be in character, acting in the moment with 'Oliver', not Chris.

"I know you wish we weren't in this room, with all these damn people. I know you want me just as much as I want you," he says not bothering to hide the huskiness to his voice.
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Cover by: vhentii
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