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We Stand Broken Together Redux (Furry Harem x Male Reader)

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Warning there will be Lemons in this story.

You are a human who survived the destruction of your home planet Earth and your races numbers have dwindled to a fraction of its former glory by the Hodad Legion, but your race survived thanks to the aid of the Mobby S.F and Loups Peacekeepers who managed to save your race from the destruction of your planet and for your help in the war on the Hodad Legion your request for solitude was granted and you live alone on a planet teeming with life and you would soon find out that you wouldn't be alone for long.
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Past seirei gensouki react to the future

Past seirei gensouki react to the future

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Past seirei gensouki/spirit chronicles react to the future (typical cringe reaction) my first time writing so plz be free to criticize me. Also give advices so I can write better. Event took place after in volume 2 after Latifa told Rio about her past and that she reincarnated and Rio also told hisI do not own the characters of the story. All credit goes to the original author. This is a pure fanfiction.…

Random stuff

Random stuff

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This will be a book where I post my random announcements and things like art and stuff.…

Redamancy | Virat Kohli

Redamancy | Virat Kohli

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redamancy - the act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full"They drew memories in each other's mindthey could never easer them they painted colors in there heart they could never forget them"Exploring the beautiful symphony created when two individuals, each excelling in their own fields, come together to find love in the harmonious balance between cricketing glory and musical resonance. ~~~ @gaslaybish…

The Cinderella Letters

The Cinderella Letters

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A retelling of Cinderella told entirely by letters written between characters. When Cinderella discovers a jilted princess is planning to poison the prince, she must find a way to warn him. But how can she when her stepmother is determined to banish Cinderella to a far-off kingdom? With the Blue Sleep causing death in almost every household, and a strange curse forcing young girls to fall in love, Cinderella isn't sure she'll get a chance to save the prince. Or even herself.…

PHILOPOBIA  - a fear of love -

PHILOPOBIA - a fear of love -

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Title: Philophobia - a fear of love -Author: ItsMeNinzkieGenre: R18+, BL-RomanceDate Started: December 4, 2023<×~×~×~×~×~×~×>"Why won't you just love me? Ganun naba ako ka walang kwenta para di mo ma value yung mga efforts, sacrifices at hirap ko para mahalin ka Ri?" saad ni Azreil."No! Manahimik ka Az! Una sa lahat hindi kita inutusang mahalin ako! Sinabi kona at the first place, I don't want to fall in love again. Kasi sa huli ako lang din ang matatalo! Wag mong lukuhin sarili mo Azreil Dortch! Wag mong mahalin yung isang bato na kagaya ko!" I said and a bursting tears flow down my eye's."No Richie Garcia! Wag modin lukuhin sarili mo! I know simula ng maging magkaibigan tayo, hindi ka galit sa Love! Ingit ka! Ayaw molang mag take ng Risk! Just please, trust me! Di ako kagaya ng mga ex mo! Lalaki ako! Mga Babae sila, ibahin mo ako" saad nito.I was about to ran away, when he gives me a hug, na di ko alam ba't di ako, na hindi ako masasaktan! Yung hindi lang ako yung nag eeffort, yung pinapakita nyang kaya nyang buhatin yung boung mundo para ipakitang mahal nya ako."Okay lang ket di mo ako mahalin for now just please! Please love yourself, hindi pa huli para magmahal muli Ri".…

Jidderh (On Going)

Jidderh (On Going)

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Meet Hauwa Ahmed, commonly known as (Jeederh), a 17-year-old girl who has recently embarked on her journey of life with dreams and ambitions. However, everything took an unexpected turn."How dare you, Jeederh, slap me" Faiha approached me and delivered a vicious slap, one that I never could have fathomed she would resort to. Holding my stinging cheek, tears continued to flow as Aunt Maryam approached, initiating her assault. Helpless, all I could do was scream. Just then, Fatima hurried to my side, questioning her mother, "Why would you beat her? You know Faiha is a notorious liar." Fatima embraced me tightly, becoming my guardian angel.Engrossed in cooking with Fatima, my world shattered upon overhearing Aunt Maryam conversing on the phone. "I've been expecting your call," she stated. "You can come and pick her up." To my astonishment, who was this mysterious person? Could it be Fatima or Farha? My thoughts were promptly interrupted by Aunt Maryam's voice, calling out my name, Jeederh.Hastening to the living room, she announced, "Tomorrow, we are expecting visitors, and she will be your new boss" Perplexed, I managed to utter, "Aunty, I don't understand." Angrily, she shouted,"Are you senseless? I am sending you off to someone, and you will work for them as a maid!" Fatima emerged from the kitchen, her voice filled with disbelief, "How could you, Mum? A housemaid?" she questioned. Aunt Maryam, "I am sending her away, end of discussion." Fatima glanced at me, her eyes brimming with tears. I struggled to comprehend what I had just heard. Faiha was very excited meet Muhammad bashir a 27yrs old wealthy billionaire, who is powerful, handsome and arrogant,,, he is studying abroad,, he is spoilt brat with no respect. what happened when fate bring these two people together? would she accept what ever fate bring for her??would he accept their maid as his wife?.. just follow my pen for. i assured you,, you are going to enjoy.. jeederh (Hauwa ahmed)…

토익점수제작お 카톡 : VCD555  텔레그램: VCD555 ♨졸업증명서위조,최종학력증명서위조전문,국가기술자격증위조

토익점수제작お 카톡 : VCD555 텔레그램: VCD555 ♨졸업증명서위조,최종학력증명서위조전문,국가기술자격증위조

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【졸업증명서위조】 ▷㉸톡ID: VCD555▷텔레그램:VCD555【졸업장위조】【신분증위조】 ✍【각종서류위조업체】✍✉메일:[email protected] 【대학교졸업증명서위조】▷㉸톡ID: VCD555▷텔레그램:VCD555신용✅안전✅신속✅보안✅업계최고✅…



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Hani always feels love in the air when she see's her friend zhang hao…

 Emerald  [ DC X Marvel]

Emerald [ DC X Marvel]

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In which 2 universes collide.The fate of them lies in two rookies and 2 billionaire's A magical crystal/stone found during Spidey's daily patrol around New York somehow transports Peter Parker to The Justice Leagues tower and in his place Batman is transported to the Avengers tower by the same stone and Matter blaster which was given to Bruce Wayne by an unknown person. Will our heroes ever figure out how to work together so they can return back to their original universes and find out who sent Batman the blaster?PS:•All characters and places mentioned belong to DC and Marvel comics/studios. I DO NOT OWN THEM!!•ALL EVENTS ARE BEFORE INFINITY WAR CAN HAPPEN SO EVERYONE IS ALIVE THOUGH THE STORY DOESN'T FOLLOW THE MCU OR DC TIMELINES EXACTLY :)…