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Wanting Something More {Optimus Prime x Reader}

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The Autobot's, once known as heroes now known as the enemies. The human population and the new group of men-Cemetery Wind, blaming them for the destruction of Chicago.

(Y/n), a young girl who had known the Autobot's for a long time. The one robot who had stolen her heart from the beginning-

-Optimus Prime.

(Y/n) who has been living with the Yeager Family, once again crosses paths with the Autobot leader. Will new sparks fly between the two?


"Optimus.." You breathed out as you stared at the large Autobot leader in horrible condition.

The mech turned his helm, his faded blue optics finally meet your (e/c) ones.


Without any hesitation you walked over to him, reaching out and rested your cool hand against the side of his cheekplate.

"I've missed you." You both states in sync.


Contains graphic scenes! Do not read if you are not comfortable with Violence, sexual scenes, swearing, gore etc.

This is an Optimus X reader novel, based on the 4th movie-"Transformer Age of Extinction"

This book was only created for entertainment! No profit was involved! Transformer merchandise belongs to Hasbro as for the movies belong to and the creators, directors, writers etc.

Please do not copy, steal or repost my works! This book will only me found here on Wattpad! If found anywhere else please message me!

Created on: October 1st 2018 :drafts:
Published on: Thursday February 28 2019
Completed on:
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