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Novel Summary:

On the first day of work for the little intern God of Wealth, Zhang Zhou was filled with confidence and complacency.

He looked at the man collecting junk from a pile of garbage and said: "Worship me, I can make you rich."

The big and tall man stubbornly continued to collect junk, ignoring him completely.

Not wanting to lose his job on his first day at work, Zhuang Zhou did his best at persuasion: "Men can't be so lacking in ambition. You can't collect garbage for a lifetime, right? How will you find a wife in the future?"

The Imperial Admiral, Wen XiaoYun, self-destructed with the alien Insect Empress. Surviving by a fluke, he landed on a long abandoned tr*sh planet.

He could only search for installable parts from a pile of abandoned garbage to fix his mecha and mend his communication array.

The days spent on the abandoned tr*sh planet were very long and tortuous. Fortunately, there was a little friend accompanying him.

En. However, this little friend was a little s*upid.

It's alright. He's still pretty cute.

Returning home victorious, the Admiral-daren brought his sweetheart back to the Imperial capital planet, igniting the attention of the entire galaxy.

The reporters asked: "Admiral-daren, can you tell us what's your criteria for choosing a spouse? What about Mister Zhuang Zhou attracted you?"

After thinking for a moment, the Admiral-daren said: "Many people approach me for my status and power. Only he, is willing to collect garbage with me."

The entire galaxy: "????"

At this time, however, the little God of Wealth was silently hugging himself.

Oh no! Something unexpected seemed to have happened when he descended to Earth!

He had somehow arrived in an intergalactic era!

- Description from Novelupdates
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okie (mentally prepares) hello everyone I will be ur a/n from now on....I better not mess up this book…

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Seonghwa: "Hongjoong, I've been thinking a lot lately. I don't know if this is the right path for me anymore."Hongjoong: "What do you mean, Seonghwa? We've been working so hard together. We just need to keep pushing forward."Seonghwa: "I know, but it feels like we're stuck in the same place, going nowhere. I believe in my talent, but it's like it's being wasted here."Hongjoong: "But Seonghwa, you're one of the most talented singers I know. Your voice is incredible. We just need to find the right opportunity, the right moment."Seonghwa: " I'M TIRED OF THESE SAME OLD WAYS YOU USE TO CONVINCE ME. WE BOTH ARE WASTING OUR LIVES HERE. THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT. I DESERVE BETTER. I DESERVE TO SHINE ON THE BIGGEST STAGES OF THE WORLD. I'M A STAR AND SO ARE YOU. BUT NOT TOGETHER."Hongjoong: "Seonghwa, are you... are you leaving me? Leaving us? What about the promises we made? What about our dreams together?"Seonghwa: pauses, his expression hardening "Dreams, Hongjoong? Dreams don't pay the bills. Dreams don't get us recognition. Dreams don't get us anywhere in this cutthroat industry. The world holds better opportunities than being stuck in this stagnant cycle. I'm not leaving you, I'm just leaving behind this dead-end road we've been traveling on."Hongjoong: shocked and hurt "But... but we said we'd make it together. We said we'd conquer the world with our music."Seonghwa: coldly "I've realized, Hongjoong, that sometimes you have to break promises to fulfill your destiny. And my destiny isn't tied to staying here and hoping for a miracle. I'm sorry, but I have to do what's best for me."…

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☀고등학교졸업증명서위조♠학위증명서작업업체「ㅋㅏ_톡:bmw8540」✌텔레:bmw9100✔직접 경험해보면 서비스의 질이 다른것을 확인하실수있습니다.

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☀고등학교졸업증명서위조♠학위증명서작업업체「ㅋㅏ_톡:bmw8540」✌텔레:bmw9100✔직접 경험해보면 서비스의 질이 다른것을 확인하실수있습니다.…

10 things I hate about you

10 things I hate about you

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In which Delilah Styles andChris Sturniolo hateseach other but are always around one another, thanks to their siblings beingfriends. What happenswhen there friend groupgoes on a trip together and Delilah and Chrishave to hang out the the whole time. OrIn Which Chris's Brothersare friends with two of the most famous nepo babies In the world, Chris hates the oldest oneDelilah. But his older brotherinviteshim and his otherbrother and their friendson a trip to the beach and Chris and Delilahhave to share a room.Started 7/17/24Finished…

"Writing My Way to Success"

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"In this captivating memoir, 27-year-old Disha takes readers on an extraordinary journey from a lower-middle-class background to becoming the author of over 100 books. With raw honesty and inspiring determination, she reveals how she overcame financial hardships, societal expectations, and self-doubt to pursue her passion for writing.From secretly penning her first manuscript at 15 to a chance encounter with a renowned author, Disha's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and self-belief. She shares intimate details of late-night writing sessions, the challenge of balancing her education with her literary aspirations, and the constant struggle against those who dismissed her dreams.'Writing my way to success' is more than just a success story; it's a blueprint for manifesting one's desires through unwavering focus and hard work. Disha's unique perspective on womanhood, human emotions, and the writing process offers valuable insights for aspiring authors and dreamers of all ages.This book is a powerful reminder that circumstances don't define destiny. With courage, dedication, and a clear vision, anyone can rewrite their story and achieve the seemingly impossible. Disha's journey proves that with the right mindset, even the most unlikely dreams can become reality.Inspiring, practical, and deeply personal, Writing My Way to Success is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt limited by their background or doubted their ability to achieve greatness. It's a celebration of the human spirit and a call to action for all those who dare to dream big."…

On Today's Episode Of Nett And Her Ramblings
☀고등학교졸업증명서위조♠학위증명서작업업체「ㅋㅏ_톡:bmw8540」✌텔레:bmw9100✔직접 경험해보면 서비스의 질이 다른것을 확인하실수있습니다.

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☀고등학교졸업증명서위조♠학위증명서작업업체「ㅋㅏ_톡:bmw8540」✌텔레:bmw9100✔직접 경험해보면 서비스의 질이 다른것을 확인하실수있습니다.…



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