Under the New York Sky | ✔︎

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"There is strength in showing one's weakness"


One second. Just one second and everything changed.

Skyler is sent into a lonely downward spiral when her mom dies tragically. With the only support she had in her life gone, she is sent to live with her aunt in the city that never sleeps - brilliant New York City.

And in the most unpredictable times, someone comes along to help her overcome her grief; to find joy and purpose in living once again.

Aden is the school's star soccer player who seems to have it all. He is both attractive and mysterious, but seemingly distant and untouchable to all others.

When the two are thrust into each other's lives, they attempt a treacherous climb to overcome their own adversities together.

It would be a difficult trek for Skyler to find joy in her life again, and through a whirlwind of emotions, she can only hope that Aden would be there to catch her when she falls.


🥇First place in The Jungle Awards Teen Fiction
🥇First place in The Dark Nova Awards Teen Fiction
🥈Second place in The Starlight Awards Teen Fiction
🥈Second place in The Faith Awards Teen Fiction
🥈Second place in The Siren Awards Teen Fiction
🥉 Third place in The Virginia Awards Teen Fiction
🥉 Third place in The Blue Lotus Awards General Fiction
🥉 Third place in The Moonshine Awards Teen Fiction

#2 in Newadult (01/28/2023)
#16 in Romance (06/28/2021)
#17 in Teen fiction (02/04/2021)
#1 in teenromance (02/01/2021)
#1 in bestseller (06/12/2021)
#1 in rising (05/30/2021)
#1 in teenstories (06/07/2022)
#1 in teenfictionromance (03/20/2021)
#1 in sadness (01/23/2022)
#1 in grief (05/26/2022)

Beautiful cover by @itnisikhushi
Beautiful graphics by @18dzhang
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