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Truth or Dare? [REWRITTEN]

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Madison is a typical girl at Brookwater High -NOT. Actually only a few people can even dare to call her Madison with hopes of surviving. Madi is preferred -HIGHLY preferred. After allowing herself to be hurt by someone in the past, she decided it would never happen again. Not while she's Madi. She's tough on the outside and -thanks to self-preservation- the inside too. Nothing can hurt her,

Except the innocent game of Truth or Dare that is.

The game that started it all and ultimately, the game that will bring it all to a close for better or worse. Will Madi's world crumble beneath her or will she be able to grab onto a small flicker of light amongst the darkness?

Read & find out!

» E X C E R P T«

"Uh... earth to Madi" Brittney waves, snapping me out of my retrospective daze. I glare at her crystal blue eyes as I try to focus in on reality.

"Huh?" I ignore everyone watching me.

"Truth. Or. Dare?" Her voice comes out sharp and crisp.


※Story is re-written by the author because she didn't like the 1st version.

※DISCLAIMER: May include strong, suggestive language and scenes.

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Cover by: @unforgiven_mess
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