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Trained For Sin

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"and she can kiss a man or slit his throat." - George R. R Martin

Genevieve is a gorgeous young woman who is able to con men to do almost anything because of her beauty. Men fall to their knees wishing she gave them the time of day. But there is something dark and mysterious about her that everyone sees but cannot put their finger on.

She is a highly intelligent and well paid assassan who works within an extreamly sectretive organization. Working with the most dangerous men in the world. Using her wits and feminine seduction against the corrupt men she hunts and kills. A classic femme fatale.

Until she meet's him.

One day her boss tells her to find and kill a lawyer of wealth and extreme threat over her boss and their organization.

To her surprise Nathan Vanderbilt is everything she didn't expect. He's handsome, honest and moral. Breaking her one and only rule: Don't let her emotions get in the way of a mission. Genevieve quickly empathizes with him and realizes he doesn't deserve to die.

But if she doesn't kill Nathan Vanderbilt before New Year's Eve her boss, Mikhail Ivanov will retaliate and make both of their lives living hell.

Now with these conflicting feelings will she be able to follow her strict orders to kill Nathan Vanderbilt?

Contains Sexual Content and Violence
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"I'm in love with you!"

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Our protagonist, Minori Sachi. Top student at Akira High Academy and mostly teacher's favourite? Who knows.Minori lived a normal life, She was happy with her life until.. The new girl came.Did Minori Develop feelings? Did Minori lose her role as top student?Well, who knows?Let's see what gonna happen to our girl Minori!…

A fisher and merman's tale (Mika X Yuu)

A fisher and merman's tale (Mika X Yuu)

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This is my first story! This story will be seraph of the end related obviously. In this story Yu will be a fisherman and Mika will be a merman.I hope you enjoy…

papercut - deku

papercut - deku

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Pro hero Deku, the new symbol of peace, loved by all, has everything he's ever wanted except for a bitter small-time journalist named Y/N.☂︎male reader, completed…

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Life of The Prophet Muhammad

Life of The Prophet Muhammad

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Life of The Prophet Muhammad and sunrise of İslam religion.God had created Prophet Adam, the father of humanity. Prophet Adam looked up and saw a name written in the sky with a tremendous light: Ahmed...He wondered and asked God, "What is this light?"God said, "This is the light of a prophet from your offspring, whose name is Ahmed in the heavens and Muhammed on the earth. If it wasn't for him, i wouldn't have created you."*********This book is written by Leila Azzam & Aisha Gouverneur. God bless them.…

Re-Design (Jake x Heeseung Fanfic)

Re-Design (Jake x Heeseung Fanfic)

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Heeseung is the top student of his class and is very proud of it.But the day he blatantly gets rejected by his crush, he realizes grades aren't everything. So, he decides to turn to the last person he ever wanted to be indebted to: Jake Sim, the number two in the class and Heeseung's biggest rival.…



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