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TimeBound (Time Tells #1) (COMPLETED)

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"Who says your life ends only when your heart stops? It ends even when there's a celebration around you."

A marriage. To a man who had saved my parents' life. Their respect, their businesses, their home ... But at a cost. The cost being me.

I was to be wed to a stranger. A Yade.

His nationality, species, colour, eyes, skin... none of that ever mattered. The only thing that has ever mattered to me was that the man I marry be the man I have been dreaming about for six years. Six glorious years spread apart with memories that set my soul on fire and light my life up.

Hope was a beacon and love was a companion I had lived with in every life.

And now, I was to marry a stranger to save my parents' life. There was no real choice to make.

Why show me how glorious my life could be, if I were never meant to live it?
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the demons wife....

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what happens when shoto and vox meet well we'll have to find out POVthis story contains lemons and fluffy stuffand this is my first story so don't judge thank u…

Quick Transmigration [Jade Body Hengchen]

Quick Transmigration [Jade Body Hengchen]

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disclaimer!!story not mine!!for offline purposes only..Author of "Quick Transmigration [Jade Body Hengchen]" :Qing GenIntroduction to the work (copywriting):As an OL who was smashed into the fast travel system, Li Xin's mission is to destroy the plot of the original work and hook up with the supporting male lead.That is, unscrupulous sex and all kinds of shameful PLAY! ! ! (Cover your face)Completed CP: Super short story • Lengaomeimei CP Wenrun brother campus essaysuper short story • girl queen mother CP sick and charming prince ancient novelultra short story • imperial sister swordsman CP weak (black belly) mage west illusionsuper short story sweet Nurse CP indifferent doctor modernshort story • Insidious young master CP shy maid ancient text [Training scum male text] (by Tangsu)short story • Charming sister-in-law CP mixed-race beautiful old-fashioned old-fashioned uncle urban text [Abusive scum brother text] (by Li Ji )short story • Violent female zombie CP arrogant and noble son end of the world (by Fengxue Banyue)short story • charming stepmother CP evil stepson "traveling through the male lead stallion, transforming the stallion into a loyal dog" (by confused woman)short story Lenggong queen CP Beautiful eunuch Gong Douwen…

Anxiety |

Anxiety | "My lovely experience"

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This story is based on me and my anxiety, at such a young age I continue with these constant problems and continue to think weird things like suicide.No need to read this if you get easily disturbed.About: This story contains bad thoughts and negative energy, as it also includes threats and insults as you go further into the story, this is my first book hope everyone likes my first book.…

Dangerous Harry Potter Fanfiction
𝑅ᥙᥒᥲᥕᥲᥡ 𝘾𝙖𝙛𝙚́  Jaywon

𝑅ᥙᥒᥲᥕᥲᥡ 𝘾𝙖𝙛𝙚́ Jaywon

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7 Runaways run away from their past and run a Café, even though they already ran away from their problems their still coming back. reality is coming back but soon they will but them in their shadows.This book is purely fictional, please do not take this seriously , this is for entertainment purposes only…

The nerdy fanboy (Jikook)

The nerdy fanboy (Jikook)

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Jungkook, the genius outcast student and science club president suddenly finds himself in the middle of everyone's attention when world star singer Jimin returns to school and becomes a member of his club. Until now Jungkook has only been a secret fanboy jamming to Jimin's song in his room, but them meeting and sparks flying might destroy everything in Jungkook's life - his nerd status, his friendships, his top grades and even his family relationships.…

This world will stand

This world will stand

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Disclaimer! This is not the original site posted on, to read faster go on the website Honeyfeed.fmI am the author who posted the original so I'm doing this because if you don't know about the website.The world is in trouble, so the government trained special individuals for the mission "This world will stand." Suddenly a conflict arise causing only 2 survivors in the rocket, what will happen next? Will they continue the mission or will the universe end.…

Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin

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Ranboo, also known as Ranna to Panem, is a trans male who saved his sister from going into an arena to fight to the death.Basically just a beeduo Hunger Games(This is my first book so any feedback is welcome!)(also posted on Ao3, my username is idk102938 if you wanted to find me)…

A Friend of a Friend

A Friend of a Friend

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What will happen when Drista's Childhood Best Friend meets her online Best Friend?…

~Flower boy~

~Flower boy~

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Finney is a lonely boy who is by himself. Some people known him as flower boy because he was always in flower gardens (The grabber doesn't Exist)Finney-15Robin-15Vance-15Billy-15Griffin-15Bruce-15…