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The Xeno-Hero (Bnha x xenomorph male reader)

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In a world where the abnormal is the norm in the form of Quirks. Over 80% of the world's population have these powers, some big and some small, but all have their special use. Izuku Midoriya, however, wasn't born with one of these powers. Instead, he was part of the remaining 20% of normal people or Quirkless. He was bullied constantly for being the only one having not developed any Quirk, but he remained cheerful.

One day while walking home from being beaten up, he passed a rattling trashcan in an alleyway. Thinking it was merely a cat or dog searching for food he pulled out a treat and slowly approached the shaking can. The rattling stopped, and out popped a small xenomorph head, startling Izuku causing him to drop the snack and freeze in fear. The xenomorph crawled out and inspected the treat before slowly eating it.

While the xenomorph was eating, Izuku hesitantly reached his hand out and gently rubbed its head. Seeing the small creature lean into his touch excited Izuku as he thought he had finally found a friend.

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