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The Villainess Doesn't Care

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In my life it was always, "You're the older sister be more mature." or, "Your sister is sick, you have to take care of her!"

When it was my graduation, my parents didn't show up because my older brother wanted them to have a picnic that day.

When I was being executed, they blamed me for being framed.

I reincarnated in a novel, Begging Ariliana. I reincarnated to the villainess, Anastasia Nikoli Valentine. Being engage to the man she loved wholeheartedly, only for him to fell in love with her sister the female lead, Ariliana.

Both Ariliana and Anastasia were both mistreated and neglected by their parents, they were more focused on their younger brother and sickly youngest brother.

But I do not care for my family nor my parents, I killed myself in my previous life after reading the novel incomplete. I don't care if I die here right now as long as I can fulfill Anastasia last dying wish, to not care as much.
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