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The Seven Phases Of Marriage

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After Avni Kashyap failed miserably in pursuing her first love, she stands strong without breaking down and marries Siddharth Malhotra. Will the one last chance she gives life result in happiness?


"Avni, What's wrong? Why are you crying?" Siddharth questioned, stammering with his mind blank by the shocking vision.

"Do you not like me?"

"No, It's not exactly that," came her instant reply, hiccupping.

"I Love Someone Else," Avni uttered with enormous guilt in her voice.

Anger surged through every cell of his body. Any man would desire 'I Love You, Husband' on their first night, but he gets to hear 'I Love Someone Else' from HIS Wife. What an irony! He fisted his hands, gritting his teeth, but nothing seemed to cool him down.

He knew her parents well to presume they must've forced her. They would do no such thing. He was sure of her agreement. If she loved someone else, why did she give her consent to their marriage? He had a throbbing headache with the whole situation.

What will happen now? Will their relationship mend into a sweet one or come to an end?

Will they surpass the challenging situations that come their way and remain together?

Oh! Did I mention Siddharth is a dream guy for any girl? Does the charming, calm, and composed billionaire have a reason to accept her at all?

COVER CREDITS : @Sakshidevi712

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