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The Return of Delilah

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Two hearts.

Two souls.

One child.

A brave man, working hard to give the best life to his family.

A selfish woman, who hasn't really come to terms to her new reality.

She leaves.

He stays.

What happens when she decides to come back?

Will she be able to men what she broke?

Or is it all shattered beyond repair?

May be you like?
Dinner Date in Paris

Dinner Date in Paris

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"တစ်ဆိတ်​လောက် အချိန်ရရင်ကျွန်​တော်တို့ Dinner Date ​လေး လုပ်ကြမလား Jimin sii"…

Random gacha photos and art

Random gacha photos and art

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Random stuff…

Drifting from my reality

Drifting from my reality

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- im the author and I don't even know what the book is about. (That was a joke) this book is written for someone who doesn't feel as loved as they are, I tend to be bad at comforting them about that, so I wrote this book. Although this book is about healing from trauma and depression and finding love. It's mostly supposed to be a comfort book, that was my first idea however that didn't go as I planned. The pages from day one are still in it, but it's more of a romance than it is comfort (many people can think otherwise) this book is mainly for hopeless romantics. Or people confused on how love works, and is because they've barely gotten it or something? I'm not quite sure. The most I can really say is enjoy.…

"Love Yourself..." TBHK Kou x Reader

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This is a Kou x Reader story. It's for those who feel like their crush will never like them back and how to learn that it will be ok. I hope this will help me and you!This is based on stuff I've been through. Hope you like it!…

Boboiboy's Overprotective Family

Boboiboy's Overprotective Family

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This story is about Boboiboy keep being teased by his friends as a joke but his elementals didn't think it's a joke....Good luck to them I guess…

0822 4203 4567 Toko Bunga Babadsari Kebumen

0822 4203 4567 Toko Bunga Babadsari Kebumen

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too lazy to give it a title so there's that…


">"i love you too"

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This slaywd…

Right Now At The Moment

Right Now At The Moment

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Family moments trilogy…

Midnight Rain // Levi Ackerman

Midnight Rain // Levi Ackerman

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╰┈➤ I swear I'll love you until my dying day. A world of quiet and waiting, with new magical technologies allowing for humanity to spread out... no longer undying fear of Titans. Until secrets began to unravel in the depths and from one family. Levi never thought his next awakening would be defending the woman who opposed the Scout's work in her town. And he'd die for her if he had to, because her life was more than his could ever be in his eyes. //AU //started january 2023…