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The Prince of Obelia (Wmmp, Male oc)

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A few years have past after Athanasia inherited the crown. Athanasia is loved and cherished by the people in the continent and the late Emperor, Claude.

However, a shocking news greet them. An unknown prince appear out nowhere. He is waiting for them at the Church with a reason not wanting to catch any attention.

What greet them is an angel. A male with a long golden hair till the waist and a jewelery purple but faded to dark blue eyes, standing at the altar with a white long sleeve and like-skirt clothes. When their eyes meet, he smile brightly and run to hug Claude.

"Father! I'm home!!"

Athanasia is shocked. the whole Church become quite. She tried to remember if the novel have mentioned that Claude have a son but she is sure the answer is no.

The male then notice Athy, he stand upright with a flustered face. "My apologies but forgive me for the late introduction. My Name is Aestry De Alger Obelia. It's my pleasure to meet you, sister."


In fact, this story is about the unknown prince, the first born of Claude with one of his concubine but was sent to the outside of the continent to protect him from assassination.

Claude love him and he cherish the Aestry. He always exchange letter with the boy and sent gift to the boy to exchange his time with boy. The communicate through letter however, when Aestry turn 12, he didn't get any letter anymore.

However, the said boy still holding hope to his father and promised to himself, he will comeback to castle when he turn 19.

(Athy is 3 years younger than Aestry)

Start: 15 May 2023
Finish: ???
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