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The Players BestFriend

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" I can't believe you cheated on me!" I yelled, causing more people to stare.

"You should have seen it coming, Kylie! You know girls find me irresistible!" Austen smirked.

Austen and Kylie were the perfect couple. At first, Kylie was reluctant to date Austen because he was known as the school's biggest playboy, but he finally convinced her. Six months later, she caught him in the janitors closet with her biggest nemesis, Britney. The next day, Kylie's dad received a huge job offer he couldn't refuse. She was forced to move to Miami, Florida but kind of liked the idea of starting over. Little did she know, just two months later, the company was going to be moved to Los Angeles, California, her home town. Kylie had already made new friends and was finally starting to enjoy life. On her first day back, she meets a jerk who she presumes is just another one of Austen's friends. As time goes on, does this guy prove to be the newest playboy or the biggest sweetheart?
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lost in your eyes ☆ aqua x (f) reader | angst

lost in your eyes ☆ aqua x (f) reader | angst

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" the sunset is beautiful, isn't it Aqua? "…

Would  be mine, forever?

Would be mine, forever?

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pondphuwin fan fic mm_sub{Zawgyi+Unicode}…

jlpt성적표제작あ ⊙ 카톡ID :  S888 ⊙ ⊙졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조

jlpt성적표제작あ ⊙ 카톡ID : S888 ⊙ ⊙졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조

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jlpt성적표제작あ ⊙ 카톡ID : S888 ⊙ ⊙졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조jlpt성적표제작あ ⊙ 카톡ID : S888 ⊙ ⊙졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조jlpt성적표제작あ ⊙ 카톡ID : S888 ⊙ ⊙졸업증명서위조,병원진단서위조,국가기술자격증위조…

Time Together (Luka Couffaine X Female Reader)

Time Together (Luka Couffaine X Female Reader)

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"I'm here for you. It's okay if you need to cry. I'll never leave your side, never." - Luka Couffaine(Name)'s life stayed pretty hidden after her parents died; she was homeschooled, didn't go out with friends, or really go out at all. After seeing a video about Paris' superheroes Chat Noir and Ladybug however, (Name) felt inspired to move to Paris. It'll be a huge change for her, but perhaps she'll finally be able to understand the secrets of her past. That, or maybe find someone she can trust enough to tell such secrets to. (Name) is pretty closed off from others, but perhaps the guy known for understanding the melody in people's hearts can help her to finally open up and receive help from others.Art used in cover is not mine. Miraculous ladybug clearly doesn't belong to me, alongside any canon characters presented. I don't own you either, precious reader. The only thing that is all mine is the story with it's concepts and ideas. Hope you enjoy.…

Playing with a rip-off ChatGPT that will probably give me viruses


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Jeon Jungkook does food deliveries as a part time job. One day he "accidentally" meets his crush aka Park Y/N, a rising model, with a jealous sister. They both get along pretty well and Jungkook reveals his identity that he's not just a delivery guy but a.... #mystery #slow romance…

Empty Words❀a warrior shortstory

Empty Words❀a warrior shortstory

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Pecantail is pathetic. warriors short story. by: ARandomCatPersonxxstarted: 6/2/23finished: ?? /??/??…

°new transfer Is my Chilhood Bff° - seungin

°new transfer Is my Chilhood Bff° - seungin

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"ughh, I hate that new boy""don't say that,you may fall for him one day""stfu ,I won't" or maybe not. -----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•-----•A seungin au wherein jeongin hates,but secretly likes the new transfer boy.…

My Life in the Wizardy World

My Life in the Wizardy World

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Lana is a young pup when she is accepted into Hogwarts. From quidditch to the tri-wizard tournament, she learns a lot about the Wizarding World and what is at stake when Voldemort attacks Harry and Hogwarts. When the golden trio adopts Lana in year 4, they teach Lana how to defend herself for what's about to come.…

🎞️Reader oneshots🎞️

🎞️Reader oneshots🎞️

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So these are random uh characters that i've chose to make uuuhhh make stories of i guess..?I haven't watched half of the movies or whatever these characters are from so im going off of other shit i read. K. So understand shit is not gonna make sense probably, so please excuse that, my deepest apologies. ANYWAYS ENJOY FUCKERS🫶⛔️None of the art is mine⛔️…