The Last Red

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The nail that stands out gets hammered down...

In the distant future, there's only
ONE race: mixed,
ONE job: a programmer,
ONE vision: build a better tomorrow.

I share my sleeping quarters with a million people in my KTL Block. We all bear the same initials, work the same jobs, live the same lives.

But I've got a secret: I AM NOT ONE OF THEM.


Trapped on an overcrowded, underdeveloped planet, Kayla must come to grips with a secret that may cost her everything.
Hidden amidst a mixed-race world, it's Kayla's genes that prove a crime. With an "Ability Screening" scheduled to determine her place in society, chances are slim she can fool the dark AI that rules humanity. Her only hope may rest in a stranger: Koben - a man without a past.

Together, they'll need to learn the wicked truth about their overlords before the clock runs out.


I shrug cockily. "When your dealer tells you to come, you come."

He almost chuckles. "Oh, is that what I am to you now?"

"Let's just say I like what you gave me," I lean my back against the wall, bending a knee. "Speaking of which, how long does the effect last?"

"Well, that depends," he comes closer now with his incredibly husky voice. "How white exactly are you?"


He snickers. "Should last you a good week. You know," he scratches his chin, "I'd never met a ginger before."

"Well you don't really seem social. And my real name's Gina, by the way."

"I'm still gonna call you Red."

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(GN PLAYER)The healing: (J.k night & Andreas & Roxy/Dr.crow × player)The Sign: (Gabriella & Sevi & Nora × player)Orphans: (Nicholas × player)Duskwood: (Phil & Alan & Jake & Jessy × player)(Mostly mwaf × player. But we don't talk about that)#scatterpatter'sincquoteMost of them are ridiculously shortTHESE GAMES ARE MADE BYEVERBYTE &REALITY GAMESAND THEREFORE EVERYTHING BELONGS TO THEM.INCLUDING YO-EVERBYTE: duskwoodReality games: The healing, The Sign & Orphans§ = is not originally made by me…

Colin Spirit in Fnaf hero

Colin Spirit in Fnaf hero

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after hanging out with his girlfriends, during the summer break, Colin Spencer AKA Colin Spirit will be working at freddy Fazbear's pizza. this story will be about fnaf 1, 2, 3, 4, sister location, and security breach. also this will be a terrifying and scary story, as the lorax would say, you have been warned. read to find out more…

rockstar 🎸

rockstar 🎸

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TOM KAULITZ X FEM OCCarla Meier was born in Leipzig, Germany. As a child, Carla's parents never got along. When Carla was 7, her parents separated. Her mother moved to the states, and her father stayed in Germany. Carla spent her school year in the US, and her summer break in Germany. Eventually, Carla started to model in the US. She started to receive money for her modeling, and even hired an agent. Carla spent more and more time in the US as a young girl, and eventually stayed in there with her mom. Carla is now 16, almost 17, and was invited to a red carpet event back home. She meets an up and coming rock band, but just one boy catches her eye. He is flirty and bold, causing Carla to instantly fall for him.…

The Silent Witch ( An Hogwarts Mystery AU Fanfic )

The Silent Witch ( An Hogwarts Mystery AU Fanfic )

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- disclaimer - I don't own the characters or the franchise or the cover, I only own my ocIntro: When Mera Spelling, first came to Hogwarts, most expected her to follow her brother's footsteps and go looking for the vaults or to go looking for him, but she didn't do either of those things, instead she had other plans, and was hiding a deep secret about herself from everyone that only Jacob knew, which it caused her to become distrusting once he disappeared. ( Read to learn more )…

fit checks because I can

fit checks because I can

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Fit checks because I love my style and I want to share so yuh…

Bonded by Blood

Bonded by Blood

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Leone Frasier was living the aftermath of a tragic car crash that took his mother's life and left him barely able to walk on his feeble legs. He has had to endure the loss of his mother, the wrath of an abusive father, and all the added weight that comes with being constantly bullied for his sexuality and for the way he walks. In the midst of a dark rainy night Leone finds himself on the edge of a cliff, in hopes that by jumping he can finally escape all his pain and suffering. Little did he know that another boy was already there preparing to do the same exact thing. Dyden Demecrio was born with a rare genetic defect that has given him fangs sharper than steel daggers and a strong resurgent body with heightened strength, speed, agility and endurance; all of which can only be fueled by blood. In order to ensure his safety, his family has kept him in isolation with strict rules for him to follow, which he loves to break. The two boys meet and form a Blood Bond for the ages...…



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A Larry Stylinson fanfic written in Louis perspective. It's about Louis and Harry during school time. Also English is not my first language so I am really really sorry for mistakes. But I hope you enjoy :)…



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Sometimes love comes when you least expect it. Even if you think it won't show up, it will. I never expected anything like this to happen, but after starting college with one of my best friends from high school, I met someone. Someone who I never expected to come into my life and switch everything around.Zed Evans Fanfic (After)…

Protecting Selené  (GxG)

Protecting Selené (GxG)

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When Selené Cortez told her billionaire fiancé that she would rather die than marry him, she meant every word. She just wasn't expecting him to call her bluff. Now sleeping with his bodyguard might just be the only thing that will save her life.♡。゚*♡♡。゚*♡♡。゚*♡♡。゚*♡♡。゚*♡♡。゚*♡"You have to be quiet." Anya whispered against her neck. "Or else."Selené bit back her smile and nodded vigorously. "And you can't say shit to your fiancé." Anya added. "What? Of course not. I'm not fucking stupid." "Are you sure about that?" Anya asked. One of her hands fell to Selené's thigh and pushed the hem of the dress up until it was bunched around her stomach. "Because this is pretty fucking stupid."…

What is this 'Dimensional Chat' ? [Revision Phase]

What is this 'Dimensional Chat' ? [Revision Phase]

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[Re-Write]My name is Satria Akbar.I'm just an ordinary man in college with a part-time job, but when I see a kid who almost got crashed into by a truck, I save her, and the result? Yes, I am dying.I think my life is finally over, but somehow I was reborn in an unknown world with a new identity as Shidou Matsumi, a normal teenager with a normal family.[Welcome to Dimensional Chat][You have been chosen as admin in this group.][Enter your nick name]Preparation is ready. [Now invite the group member.][Welcome, Pervert Sage][Welcome, Evil Spirit][Welcome Man with Gender Equality][Welcome, Ice Sadist][Welcome to Dimensional Chat]What the hell is this 'Dimensional Chat"?…