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Highest ranking #1 in chicklit and also #1 in realization many times.
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Two people,Two lives,Two hearts.... can they become one.

Have you ever seen a girl going crazy for a guy whom she loved??

A girl can have a lot of crushes but her heart belongs to only one guy..

Aditi Kapoor who is madly in love with Vachan. He is the love of her life. Vachan is her only crush and her only love.He is everything to her.

She is a beautiful modern girl. She is sweet,caring and she loves her family a lot. She is studying Engineering final year . Her definition to love is pure and precious.

Vachan Mehra is a Arrogant handsome, Hot guy and every girl wants him to be her side. He is an Indian but he lives in states .He is totally a Jolly type guy and always tries to Flirt girls.For him Love is nothing but a trash. He don't believe in love..

We always say that we don't believe in love.. but one day a person can make us believe love..

Will Aditi makes Vachan believe in love?
Will Vachan fall for Aditi?
Are there hearts meant for each other?
What is there destiny? What's going to happen in their lives?

What else is missing?A beautiful romantic love story. Carving for true love.
Come and join me in the journey of two hearts..

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Two is Better Than One

Two is Better Than One

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The story "Two Is Better Than One" is about how the protagonist is in love with someone and believes that a relationship between two people is more fulfilling, supportive and powerful than a relationship between one person alone.The idea of two being better than one is echoed throughout the story, conveying the message that having someone to share your life with or be a part of your life is a much more powerful and comforting experience than being alone.…

Shakhi ansuni kahani 🫶🏻☺️
Random Stories[BTS]

Random Stories[BTS]

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Random BTS scenarios,all author's imagination read if you dare.After you're done with all chapters please get your brain checked by the nearest psychologist.THANK YOU ENJOY!!!.....................and also I'm open for requests just privately send me a message or comment thanxxx baiii.…

falling for you

falling for you

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This story resolve around two couple Advik and diya Manan and Kashish................There love one have quite opposite personality from one another....... ...... If you are falling for me then let me tell you one thing you are falling into a hell hole from where there is no going back. I will make this hell hole a heaven my heaven.... ........…

My King

My King

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"No don't hurt her!""Oh why? Because she is your bride? The future Queen?""I am warning you! Do Not hurt the Queen of this Kingdom.""Is it so? Then I will kill her.""Samara, Nooooooo!"A story where the England is still under the rule of the King. Here the president and democracy does exist but is only under the control of the King. For the first time the King falls in love with a beautiful independent woman 'Samara' who is from France. But the King's past and his story of revenge, will it be a reason for the end of their love story? Or will they be able to save each other?This story will definitely be a new experience for you readers who loves the story of Kings and Queens but here I am giving it a modern twist making this a story that is happening in our present world. How will it be if our world still had the rulership of royalty and how will the love story of a King and a common business woman be? These all you will get to read here. So please go ahead and enjoy the world that includes royalty as well as democracy and says the story of love and revenge.…

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Koi Adopted Daughter

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FOR OFFLINE PURPOSES ONLYI'M NOT THE OWNER MTL Bai's family is too famous in the village. One is that they are too capable of giving birth to sons, and the other is that they are poor.It is said that Lao Bai's family can only turn around their bad luck and poor life if they have a daughter.The daughter didn't look forward to it, but picked up an adopted daughter.The adopted daughter is possessed by a koi, making Lao Bai's family more and more popular.Go down the river to touch fish, and the fish will jump on you; go up the mountain to catch rabbits, and the rabbits will crash into trees one after another; dig mushrooms, and the mushrooms will turn into ginseng.The adopted daughter of the koi carp led the whole family to become the richest man in farming and business.Key words of the novel: No pop-up window, No pop-up window, Complete Works txt download, The latest chapter reading of Koi Adopted Daughter…