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The Heavenly Secret Pavilion (COMPLETE)

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Luka Celestial, An Outstanding young man on Earth but now he was already in a Strange World where The Strong Represents Everything.

In one of the Ten Thousands Lower Realm in the World, Luka strangely arrive at the unfamiliar Mountain filled with spiritual and Ancient atmosphere.

Although he knew that he was Transmigrated, he was Calm and Composed.

His life was Change when the System rang in his mind.

He build a force and become the Strongest.

He Travelled through differents world and become famous and Respected.

Join the Journey of Luka Celestial as an Heavenly Lord of The Heavenly Secret Pavilion.

'There's no Secret that can Hide From me.'

'I know the Past, Present and The Future.'

'I am The Heavenly Lord!'

DISCLAIMER: This story was written in the English Language.

English is not my First Language so some sentence might be a wrong grammar, Please bear with it.
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