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The Cracks in the Labyrinth

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Evoking the paranoid tension of Rosemary's Baby and the unnerving atmosphere of the cult horror film Jacob's Ladder, The Cracks in the Labyrinth is a disturbing psychological thriller set in present-day Caracas, where the government has devolved into a "democratic dictatorship"-a creepy suspense novel meant to challenge your deeper, subconscious fears of losing control.

It consumed the sanity of an entire country...

And it was not from this world. It couldn't have been. Whatever caused the incident known as "The Red Christmas" drove Venezuela into madness.

Even ten years since it happened, none of the survivors of that night dare to attempt to make sense of it all, including Adam. Living ostracized to hide from the brutal way of life in Caracas, he's working tirelessly as an online writer to help his brother and sister flee the country. Now, as he's about to have enough money to take them to safety, he receives an email from his old girlfriend ... which is remarkable, considering she's been presumed dead for years.

Adam tries to think nothing of the email or the broken video file attached to it. He convinces himself that it has to be a computer virus of some kind until he discovers something terrifying: the video might link his sister to the worst night of his life, the night his girlfriend went missing, the night of "The Red Christmas". Then he realizes this could be a threat; his sister's life could be in danger.

As he starts to investigate who sent the video, Adam begins to uncover dark truths about his neighbors and finds evidence that there might be a larger conspiracy at play. The problem is that he's starting to suffer from hellish hallucinations that make him question what is real. Soon, the only clear thing to him is that someone doesn't want him to dig up the past.

Will Adam be able to stay sane long enough to find out what really happened the night of "The Red Christmas"? Will he succeed in helping his family escape the country?
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Tooru Oikawa and Hajime Iwaizumi have chosen different colleges, both in different countries. They learn to not depend on each other and learn more about themselves. But one final surprise could either bring them together or bring them apart.…



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Asahi is an 18 year old metal bender from Republic City. Her mother -a fire bender- died when Asahi was only 12 years old. She never knew her father but did inherit his bending ability. After wandering around and living by herself for years, she met Mako and began living with him and Bolin. Later, Asahi began studying and practicing metal bending under Lin Beifong, but it was cut short due to Lin becoming Chief of police.Now, the avatar has arrived in Republic City. Let the adventures begin...〜- Loosly following the direct storyline of The Legend Of Korra || All story credit to the original creators || Book and episode stated at the beginning of each part- Narrated from original characters point of view || Third person point of view || Original Character Insert || Parts where my OC would not be will not be written- Updates whenever a chapter/part is finished || No specific update schedule- Appropriate for all ages || No 18+ content〜Plase, don't be nervous to point out mistakes! I want this story to be the best it can be!I had to make 3 parts for the character information because the app was being annoying so sorry if 3 parts is obnoxious but there's nothing i can do.…

Mafia Is In Love With A Teacher (CHUBBY)  Junkook FF

Mafia Is In Love With A Teacher (CHUBBY) Junkook FF

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"The person whom you saved is the great mafia king his name is JEON JUNKOOK" I was shocked 😯 I dint know what to say. I was like great not even a month and you are already in a problem........How yn (teacher) who hates mafia (junkook) falls in love with him? ... .Will update chapters every Sunday. 🥰Started:- 15-01-23Finished:-..........…

Rainimator: Incorrect Quotes

Rainimator: Incorrect Quotes

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Incorrect Quotes involving Rainimator's Fractures characters! This idea isn't mine-inspired by @saturatedpetals Fractures-Incorrect Quotes so thanks to them for giving me this idea!(Also check it out its really hilarious). Without further delay, let's jump straight into it!It's my first time writing a book on wattpad,so there might be a few errors here and there. Sorry about it!Do note that some of the quotes that are mentioned in here are not mine! I'd credit the source but it appears that you can't insert links into wattpad :/Most of the characters featured in this book does not belong to me, but to Rainimator.…

Truly Madly Deeply

Truly Madly Deeply

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Tori have a big secret she is hiding from her friend and the girl she have a crush on. Will they accept her once she tells them or will they leave?What will happen when her past comes back to haunt her.This is a Jori story and half base on a personal experience. WARNINING THIS IS AN ADULT VERSION OF THE STORY, IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 PLEASE DONT READ!!…



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Palaging sinasabi ni Thamara Vergaz na kaylan man ay hindi siya magkakagusto sa lalaking nag ngangalang Kendrick Salvacion dahil sa hindi malamang dahilan. Ngunit tuluyan bang mababago ang kanyang mga salita lalo na kapag nalaman niya na ang kanyang kakambal na si Thalia Vergaz at ang kakamabal rin ni Kendrick na si Hendrick Salvacion ay may lihim na relasyon?…

"We are born to be together" (A Lunuca and Albertostar fanfic)

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Set in a beautiful seaside town on the Italian Riviera, an epic, romantic coming-of-age story about one young boy experiencing an unforgettable summer filled with gelato, pasta and endless scooter rides, and a young girl forced to live in fear with her older sister wanting more to explore in life. Luca shares these adventures with his newfound best friend, but all the fun is threatened by a deeply held secret: he is a sea monster from another world just below the water's surface.…

A Sentence A Day

A Sentence A Day

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Join me in my journal as I write a story with one sentence per day.…

A Musician Been Reincarnated as one of the villains ( remake)

A Musician Been Reincarnated as one of the villains ( remake)

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A famous musician Transmitted into his favorite Novel. A pitiful villain but has a psychotic mental problem And a Famous Musical Artist that idolizes him.A famous musical artist accidentally Transmitted inside that novel becoming his favorite character. How should he deal with the troubles that his favorite character had made when he was a child?He felt like he was betrayed by his beloved character and said" Deal with it " A musician who cried in blood, do not blame him, blame that Villain! But why do all these characters seem to act differently toward him? His family seem very suspicious with him...PLEASE FOLLOW THE PLOT! AND IGNORE ME! ⚠️ First Book ⚠️ ⚠️ boys love ⚠️⚠️ I don't own any of this art ⚠️…

The Prince And The Assassin

The Prince And The Assassin

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(Rewrite for for the book with the same title)The Crown Prince. A title meant to be for Hiro, but was stripped from him by the Prime Minister of the country of his Father and Mother.Hiro valued the title, but never over valued it. So when he was stripped of the title he didn't try to take it back, but when the crown was given to his younger brother, Hiro finally understood why.He understood that the Empire was corrupt, yet he did nothing. He watched it turn to what it was now. He watched the Empire of his Father and Mother turn corrupt without batting an eye. He watched it with an uninterested look.Learning of the Rebel Army and it's assassin group, Night Raid, he joins them not to save people or free the Empire from corruption. He joined them looking for a purpose. The spark that had died all those years ago. I do not own anything in this story except for the main character.…