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The Butterfly Goddess «Black Clover Fanfiction»

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Y/n,Asta and Yuno were abandoned at the same church in Hage. When they were children they promised to each other that they'll compete to each other on who'll become the sorcery emperor or maybe empress first. But as they grew up, there were some difference. Yuno was a magic genius,with amazing magic and control, same with y/n but the difference is she's waayyy too childish and doesn't really takes anything seriously while Asta couldn't even use magic. As they turned 15 the time where they get their own grimoire, Yuno got the four leaf clover which held an amazing amount of magic and is very rare while Asta received nothing however when Yuno was threatened, Asta's real power was revealed but.... When you got your own grimoire,it wasn't like everyone else.

"Why is it clove less?"


- Join the adventure with the black bulls and discover the undiscovered,know your past and a crazy reverse harem

- I do not own black clover or the pictures here except for you and some extra scenarios. All rights reserved to the rightful owner.

- I also don't own the book cover,it is made by my friend who's very talented in editing!!

- Anyways I'll follow the anime and sometimes the manga and this book contains some swears,misspelled and wrong grammar for short this is sh*t.

- I Already warned you so don't comment harsh things reader-chan!

- Also! I'm following the manga so if you see anything like the character's magic name changed or something like that please notify me right away so I can change it quickly òwó that's all!

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