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As Alpha of the Blood Moon Pack, Everette Blackwood is required to find her mate. She's not too sold on the idea of needing a man at her side.

When she stumbles across him in the middle of the night, chained to a tree, she just might do anything to keep him safe.

But when he aims a gun full of silver bullets at her head, she wants nothing more than to tie his ass back to the tree.

This mysterious mate of hers, however, isn't what he seems with secrets buried in her parents' past that may threaten her position as Alpha.

If that wasn't enough, the rogues are acting out. They're multiplying daily, attacking the pack constantly and preparing to overthrow the female Alpha.

A war is brewing.

One that is bigger than anything her pack has ever dealt with before.

One that might end the Blood Moon pack forever.

But would she survive her mate before the war?

Warning: This story will make you laugh your heart out, ugly cry, demand an adorable idiot in a frilly pink apron and crave ice-cream.

#10 in werewolf (20/11/20)
#3 in wolf (07/11/19)
#9 in romance (14/08/20)
#78 in humor (07/11/19)

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( Un ) Loved ||  Hyunlix ft.jeonglix

( Un ) Loved || Hyunlix ft.jeonglix

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( short oneside love pain )ඔව් මං බලන් ඉන්නම්...උබ ඌගෙ වෙනකම් මං බලන් ඉන්නම්..හැමදාම වගේ , මට අයිති එකම දේත් අනුන්ට අයිතිවෙනකම් ඉන්නද උබ මට කියන්නෙ ?ඇත්තටම උබට මෙච්චරටම මාව දැනෙන්නෙ නැත්ද ? නෑ උබ දන්නවා ...ඒත් උබ දැනෙන්නෑ වගේ ඉන්නවා ..One side love pain 🤍…

For Mei

For Mei

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Happy birthday Mei!…



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⭐성인용품사이트추천『OIO-57⑤1-1⑨8②청구동성인장난감퀵구입❤️남자성인용품⭐#수택동퀵배송,#신당동성기구당일구입,#중앙동SM도구퀵⭐남성보조기구십구놀자[19NOLJA.COM]』️성현동섹스용품구매방법❤️성인제품파는곳⭐#사당19금용품당일구매,#신사동19용품파는곳,#북한산우이역여성용기구효능,#공세동여자성인용품퀵배송,#성내코스프레복장종류,#망우본동성인기구당일배송,#화랑대역19금용품온라인구매,#시흥동일본성인용품샵퀵배송가격,#장위남성자위기구퀵,#가산여자자위기구가격,#외발산섹시브라추천,⭐남자야한속옷OIO-57⑤1-1⑨8②행당역여자성기구구매방법❤️성인용품구입⭐#과천시애널용품빠른배송,#논현여성용기구종류,#반포역코스프레복장온라인구매,#청룡여성용기구효능,#동래여성자위도구퀵배송,#교대역여성자위도구퀵,#논산시남성자위기구파는곳,#흑석동여자성기구구입,#서초일본성인용품샵후기,#상수코스프레구입,#도림동섹시브라퀵배송,⭐성인샵『⓪I⓪=57⑤1=1⑨8②』️개인회생휴대폰개통』️노들역19금용품판매점❤️성인용품전문점⭐#석촌고분역여성기구퀵배송가격,#충현동남자성인용품판매점,#홍제역야한여자속옷구입,#대치동여성자위기구무인용품점,#인수여성진동기배송빠른곳,#광흥창역애널기구배달,#내자동여자기구구입후기,#팔달구판매24시영업,#용강동애널용품매장주소,#사당일본성인용품샵구매후기,#숭인동19용품구매⭐여자자위기구추천『⓪I⓪=57⑤1=1⑨8②』️십구놀자[19NOLJA.COM] 섹스몰★여자자위기구추천,,국내 최저가 성인용품 쇼핑몰 서울/경기/인천 총알배송 당일 퀵배송 가능비밀배송, 리얼후기, 성인기구, 퀵배송,택배배송 남자자위기구,여자자…

Karma: The Monster From The Depths

Karma: The Monster From The Depths

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A dreadful sound echoes in the space. It's eerie and makes us feel uncomfortable. The two passengers of the rowboat shiver. Oscar put his hands on his ears and tightly held them. He got a very terrified look on his face. After a few seconds, it's over.Oscar whispers: ''Did you hear that?"''What?" asks Yulia.He continues whispering ''Did you hear what it said?"She leans closer to him and puts one hand behind her ear. ''What?"''Did you hear that?!" Oscar almost screams.''Are you dumb? Of course, I heard that! It almost treads up my ears"He shakes his head. ''Bud did you hear what it said?"''It spoke? Wait, what spoke?" Oscar looks directly into her eyes. ''That noise wasn't just a noise, you deaf bitch. Those were words. Something spoke to us." He breathes in and breathes out slowly. "It said: 'I was a bad girl'"…



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when Glamrock Foxy is starting to act weird with Steve, Steve think Foxy's mad at him and wants to know what's going on.~this is a Showtime steve x Glamrock Foxy story. If you are not comfortable with that you are welcomed to leave~~also, no smut only fluff. And the art isn't mine!~…

Not A Damsel In Distress

Not A Damsel In Distress

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First, she'll find out what really happened to her parents, then she'll take down whoever was behind it.It's a promiseBut having gone through a lot, it's hard for Amy to share and understand her emotions.. to her, they're just distractions.Will her mindset change on this journey?…

Future girl.../cha eun woo ff😜✌️

Future girl.../cha eun woo ff😜✌️

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i really wrote this story based on my own imagination...i am not coping anything...please don't mind my grammer mistake....hope u all enjoy💘…

Entangled Hearts: A Love Beyond Boundaries

Entangled Hearts: A Love Beyond Boundaries

101 35 23

Paano kung dumating ang gusot ng mga puso na lumikha ng isang bagyo sa kaibuturan ng iyong mga puso? Paano ka makikipagsundo sa takbo ng buhay ng mga emosyon at makahanap ng isang resolusyon?In this story, the characters find themselves entangled in a complex tapestry of love, friendship, and personal growth, as they grapple with their own desires, fears, and insecurities…

The Life I've Lived

The Life I've Lived

1,629 86 51

A series of emotions that I have felt and is still feeling through poems and poetry. Not a professional writer just a bunch of bottled up emotions. It is honestly a relief that I finally get to express myself in an "aesthetic" manner. lool…