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The Boney Hero (Sans x BNHA crossover)

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At a genocide run Sans unexpectedly wins against ¿Chara? and something strange occurred, the timeline was thrown into chaos. As a result of this chaos, Sans unknowingly was brought to the world of My Hero Academia where lies a world full of quirks. Now we will find out what journey is to unfold with Sans now in this world.

Welp this is my first story... so yea.....
im pretty sure I'll make a ton crap of mistakes basically typos everywhere.. sooooo just bare with me okay? I'm also always running on boredom and laziness while writing this. Also this is fucking cringe.........

Welp um..feel free to drop your ideas I'll definitely consider them...

Also this story is definitely not original and inspired by a lot of different other stories that came before it

([very] slow updates )

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