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The Billionaire's Arranged Wife (Book 3)

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Nicolaides Kourakis had it all. The Greek God like man possessed the refined beauty as powerful as his name, the wealth as that to Plutus and the sophisticated charm of Eros. Newly appointed CEO of the world's largest shipping yard, the proud Greek believed he had it all.

Or so he thought...

Athena Stavros.

The gentle, humble daughter who would do anything to please her father.

Even if it meant becoming the wife of the most powerful man in Greece...

Nicolaides or as he prefers 'Nico' is all about work first and play later. The International Billionaire strives on his dedication and pride he devoted to his company and would do just about anything to save it.


A stipulation in the will demands the young Greek must marry a chosen bride or simply retire from his beloved position. With their fates already decided and destiny written before time, Nico and Athena are brought together.

Would the famous International playboy tame his ways for a marriage that neither wants or would he forfeit everything he had ever worked for, for the sake of his freedom?
Conflicted, torn and emotionally detached, Nico must decide where his responsibility lies.

Every moment two people parts are entwined, a story begins.
Would this story turn into a fairytale?
Would Athena become the billionaire's arranged wife...?

WARNING: The characters in this story are purely fictional and intended for entertainment purposes only. Any characteristic resemblance is coincidental. This book contains mature scenes.

Images, quotes, pictures and videos are the sole property of their respective owners. No part of this book may be stolen or transmitted by any means without the writer's permission. All content within the book is rightfully owned by the writer and plagiarism is a sin.

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