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The Badboy Prince Just Can't Resist

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"Why are you so nervous?"

"I'm not."

"Your pupils dilate every time you look at me. What are you so worried about, sweetheart?" He asks me, his warm breath fanning my ear. I rolled my eyes, and he took that as a response.

"Why are you so afraid of me, Annalise?"

"I'm not," I repeated in a firm tone, trying to stop my body's temptation of leaning into his touch.

"Then why can't you think properly while so close to me?" Damien's lips were now grazing my ear. His strong arms expertly pull me in, arms crossed around my waist ready to spin me back out. I despised the way he made me feel when we would dance, as if I liked being under his lead- it infuriated me.

"I can think just fine." I spin myself back out, trying to take control.

He chuckled,"This is why I find you so intriguing. You want to resist me, and I haven't found somebody like that before. It's quite frustrating, having someone who doesn't bend to my will."

The nerve of this man!

I scowled,"I'm not just going to follow your every command. Being a Prince doesn't mean you gain-"

"I could give you anything. A title or land, and any other girl-"

"I'm not just 'another girl' who will bend to your standards. I don't have time to pamper your ego as if you own the school."

"In fact, I do. Thank you for reminding me sweetheart, sometimes I forget." Arrogance laced his tone, sending my fury into overdrive.

"I am nobody's sweetheart, especially not yours."

His laugh sent vibrations through my body,"You have never failed to amuse me. I think we should get to know each other better." I felt his lips against my ear curl into a sly smirk.

Cover by @afranticdreamer
#4 romance
#1 royal 9-29-2020
#1 kingdom 3-30-2020
#3 king 4-3-2020
#1 princess 4-13-2020
#1 new 5-14-2020
-All rights reserved
-Kick back and enjoy a book with a little bit of mystery, magic, humor, and don't forget romance
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