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In which you experience heartbreak and love, oh, so much love ❤️

"We were meant to meet," Namjoon grins, his dimples flashing. "Just take my hand and trust me; we'll be alright."

. . .

*UPDATES ONCE A WEEK! (Or at least, I try to 😅)*
I hope you guys enjoy these one-shots and imagines! Please let me know what you think!

I've also started to include one-shots featuring the other members! I hope you enjoy them!

(START DATE: 1/7/18)

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hello... again with telugu story... hope you like.. it..y/n as an spoil bastard y/n is an celebrates daughter who she will meet taehyungand fall in love (y/n 💜 taehyung)…

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Monster High Live action movie RP.

Monster High Live action movie RP.

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For people like me,who decide that they Like this movie just as much as the old version of monster high and want to Rp it.…

"I would die for you."~A HunterxFem Reader

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(Y/N) never thought she would make it into the Emperor's Coven, let alone be rubbing elbows with the Golden Guard himself!~~~~~~Reader goes by she/her (sorry for this, it's just easier to write things when I have experience with it lol)(Y/N) is slightly based off of me so some of the events are based off of my life.~~~~~~Enjoy the book! :D…

The Woman Knight

The Woman Knight

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When peasant girl Lola Bakers was out selling meat pies, she didn't expect to meet a knight in the middle of their quest - a woman knight, at that. And she certainly didn't expect to be asked to join them as their squire. But what came next was a fairy tale, a heartwarming romance, a story of ups and downs and warriors and swordsmen, and rises through the socioeconomic ladder, all set in an unspecified area of medieval Europe, all ending in a happily ever after.Or... Was it?For nothing in this world was quite as it seemed.And the woman knight was at its center.--The thumbnail was generated by Bing ai; I am not anywhere near that good at art!…

Fate doesn't care about your plans

Fate doesn't care about your plans

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This story start after Abhimanyu divorced Akshara, I wanted Akshara as a a single mother maybe she get a little support from people around her but a single mother working for her child's better future and doing great in her career as well. And Abhinav will just be a friend to Akshara and they live in separate houses. Lets see how Abhira will meet again.This story is based on generation 3 of yrkkh.…

Michael Afton x reader

Michael Afton x reader

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this is for my friend but If you aren't them then just read it idc🤪🤩😛😝🥰😘…



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This is my story. Nice to meet you.The warnings can be found on chapter oneIf you happen to know me, I just hope you knew that I am two-faced before you met me.English is not my first language, expect repetitions...Enjoy?…

My two little brothers

My two little brothers

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A story of a mafia King, Park Jimin and his brothers.. Jimin, who has a dark image underground but actually is a fragile boy.. he has two brothers, Park Taehyung and Park Jungkook.. both of them are actually brats who love to disobey him.. Jimin is a fluffy boy but only infront of one person, Kim Jong-in aka Kai, he is scared of Kai.. but he is a strict hyung for Tae and jungkookTaehyung had a past incident which made him believe that everyone hates him which is kind of truth because he has a case filed against him in the court and he is insecure of that but Jimin was and is still always there for him.. Now we have to see if he is innocent or he really did a crime And about another brother, the youngest, Jungkook, then he is nothing but a brat and a bad boy which is the reason tae and jm are strict towards him.. Jungkook is really brave person from inside but a cute, fluffy baby for his hyungs which makes Jm, tae believe that jk is weak for this world so they usually hide every secret from him.. but what if they get to know that jk knows all the things and secrets from the past of their familyLook forwards to the story because i suck at descriptionA story of three brothers (vminkook ff)…