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Shattered pieces of love [jeon jungkookx reader]

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"Welcome to hell bitch, *thurst* I fucking hate you *thurst* I will make sure you will experience hell while living *thurst *

His every stroke was full of hate and was making sure your mind will be only filled with his cuss and your heart with his hate, his free hand grasped your right breast and you moan in pain while your eyes kept flickering, fresh tears stain was visible on your cheeks and your hair was spread on the bed while he kept thrusting inside you with an animalistic speed for past 1 hour

The love of your life who shattered your whole life in a moment, your smile, your parents, your family, your tears everything he snatched in a moment in front of your eyes but you just stood there on the shattered pieces of his hatred

A revenge that will change everyone's life in an instant, a helpless girl seeking help but no one dared to even give her a single sympathy because of him, he made sure everyone will hate her, will she will be able to survive, or will shatter down into pieces. But when the truth will be revealed what their relationship turns into?

Meet them through shattered pieces of love

Happy reading ahead ~ English is not my first language so feel free to correct me

Love you all 💜💙

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