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Right Of Crowe

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Crowe had power.
Far more than the Police.
War is coming.

Appearances were deceiving.
The closer you look the more ugly.

Blood soaked deep within the streets.
The name Crowe, forever etched fear into the hearts of the city.

They had a ghost.

Crowe had a city.


Lex Crowleon had a lot of secrets, like the one time he accidentally locked a teacher in the bathroom. Or when he broke an expensive vase at his friend's house and blamed it on the cat.

Perhaps the biggest secret was that Lex was the criminal that his best friend, Alex Devoe was chasing.

How much will he be able to wipe his bloody hands off before he gets caught?

Perhaps, he needs to kill Alex instead.

But can he?

In a constant struggle to balance his own killing business, college, and friendship; how long can he last?

Especially when he's surrounded by the people that threatened to take him down.

Welcome to Right of Crowe.

Be prepared.


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Update Schedule: Every 2-4 days
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