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Recoil | Bucky Barnes | Marvel Cinematic Universe

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To fall back under pressure. To shrink back physically or emotionally.
The kickback of a gun upon firing.

It takes a stubborn mind to cling to their humanity when the world seeks to strip it away.

It takes a desperate soul to reach for the faintest glimmer of light in the darkness.

It takes a courageous heart to admit they chose the wrong side.

He didn't ask for this. She walked in willingly.

Getting out is the easy part. Surviving is second nature. Forgiving themselves will not be so simple.

#1 in 'MARVEL' - September 2021/July 2022
#1 in 'Bucky Barnes' - May 2022/June 2023

#1 in 'James Buchanan Barnes' - February 2022/May 2023
#1 in 'Winter Soldier' - June 2021
#1 in 'TFATWS' - July 2021
#1 in 'Marvel Fanfic' - August 2021
#1 in 'Original Character' - August 2021
#1 in 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' - September 2021
#1 in 'Superhero' - October 2021
#2 in 'Captain America' - July 2021

[Based on characters and events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters not featured in the MCU are my own.]

[Mature themes: Violence, language, some sexual themes and mentions of lack of consent. All non-explicit or MCU Canon Compliant.]

[Covering events in the MCU Chronological Timeline to Captain America: Civil War]

[Bucky Barnes X OC]
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