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"I'm not afraid to hit a girl," he argued, and you grinned.

"I know you aren't," you said, "because you know I can fight back, and you wanna know how I know that?" Bakugo stayed silent, still glaring at you as he shifted beneath your body.

You leaned close to him, moving your mouth toward his ear before slowly licking your lips and lowering your voice as you whispered, "because you just became my puppet, Katsuki Bakugo."


Katsuki Bakugo and [Y/N] [L/N], the prime example of "she fell first, he fell harder."

[Katsuki Bakugo x Fem!Reader]
[season 2 - season 4]

Book One in the Puppet Series
Sequel: Strings (status: ongoing)

started: 05/23/23
finished: 02/14/24

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☞@이미테이션사이트♧[사이트:Diva쩜run]❤#발렌시아가트리플s순위☞AR공장←최저가 고퀄[사이트:Diva쩜run]♩남자레플리카사이트추천❤

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-Four Hearts in a New World-

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GARANSI, WA 0851-7676-7290, Biaya Pendirian Lsp Jogja

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GARANSI, WA 0851-7676-7290, Biaya Pendirian Lsp Jogja…

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Brainstorming (For Stories)

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