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Psycho Love

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I stroll up to him, tracing his jaw with my gun.

He smirks at me.

I grin.

"What do you want, Isaac?" I ask, circling him, keeping the gun against him as I drew it across his chest.

He shivers.

"You. You know I want you." He grabs my arm, halting me.

I lean down, getting so close to his face, I can feel his breath fanning my lips as I brought the gun to his temple.

"Then take me."

His eyes dance with that crazy look I've become familiar with.


Aliza Harrison has always been a bit on the crazy side.

Destroying her doll at age 8 for being creepy as hell with a butcher knife.

Cutting a classmate for telling her what to do with scissors at age 11.

Just don't fuck with her. Period.

Isaac Black has been through so much it's messed him up a little...

...a lot and he wants payback.

When two psychos meet, what will spark?

With a boy who lost his ability to feel and a girl who displays her emotions on her sleeve. Opposites, but the same.

And a secret bigger than the both of them, hiding in their mist.
May be you like?
Oppa next door!  ━ Ryu Sunjae & Im Sol

Oppa next door! ━ Ryu Sunjae & Im Sol

3,666 407 25

"Have you ever...thought of me as more than just a little sister?"Just the story of Im Sol & Ryu Sunjae in an alternate universe!Based on lovely runner,,©️ photos credited to real owners!…

Blood Empire / إمبراطورية الدم

Blood Empire / إمبراطورية الدم

26 8 3

{ روحين تتشاركان الألم تحت شجرة فارعة ، روح ستشهد فاجعة أليمة، و روح ستشهد صعود أعظم إمبراطور للحكم و أقسى حرب مدمرة ، نهايتها هي إلتقاء الروحان الجريحتان تحت الشجرة لبدأ عصر جديد من النهضة. }"Two souls sharing pain under a tall tree, one soul will witness a painful tragedy, and the other will witness the rise of the greatest emperor to power and the most devastating war. Their end is the meeting of the two wounded souls under the tree to start a new era of renaissance."…

Stars Not Aligned

Stars Not Aligned

1,499 51 4

Meera thought her life was over with it's twists and turns. Life's unexpected twists may catch you off guard, but they also have a way of revealing your true strength. Will this twist add vibrant colours or snatch some ? That's what she will see. Anirudh Bhanushali, a formidable force in the world of business. A shrewd entrepreneur , he will see what's life has to offer him beyond his achievements in the boardroom. Sometimes, the greatest gifts in life come wrapped in the form of fate.Fate you can't escape. Follow their journey as they navigate the complexities of love, loss, and the inexorable pull of destiny in a tale where every twist and turn leads them back to each other.As they say ~ "What's meant to be yours will always find its way back to you."~ Coming soon ~…

WOSO Oneshot

WOSO Oneshot

27,416 367 59

A WOSO Oneshot bookOneshots of favourite Women's footballers Mainly the Lionesses, Arsenal Women's team,Chelsea Women's team, Man City Women's team and Man Utd Women's team…

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Jake Webber x Johnnie Guilbert Smut

Jake Webber x Johnnie Guilbert Smut

1,113 38 3

I'm back. wattpad can take down my book as much as they want. but you can't get rid of me.…

His the brightest amongst all stars. {Sunsun Au}

His the brightest amongst all stars. {Sunsun Au}

33 4 7

Just a silly sunsun au whereSunghoon was a loner of their school HybeArts. He decided to go there to persue Music and create art that no one had seen before. It was going well, but. Him seeing his other classmates have fun with their friends and go out to different places to spend time with each other makes him feel envy. He wants to have someone to accompany him too.. Then there it is. His wish came true. A star approached him. A star that was the brightest amongst all stars.…



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In a world where innocence meets heartache, Y/n navigates a turbulent journey of love and betrayal with Ex/n. Filled with pain and uncertainty, she wonders if her path will ever lead to happiness. Just when despair threatens to consume her, E/n enters her life like a beacon of hope.As tensions thaw amidst shared challenges and unexpected moments of vulnerability, Y/n and E/n find themselves drawn to each other in ways they never imagined. Will they let go of old grudges and embrace a budding love, or will their past betrayals keep them apart?#enemiestolovers #love#mafia #romance #billionaire #marriage #betrayal #lovers #1…

I Have Too Many Pfps

I Have Too Many Pfps

2,886 413 98

what the title says lol. i have wayyyyyy too many pfps. my phone is begging me to stop downloading them but suddenly i am deaf.The pictures aren't mine!!! Credits to the original owner!!!!!Number 1 in #pfp on Tuesday, April 2, 2024Number 1 in #nanamichiaki on Tuesday April 2, 2024…

True Magician

True Magician

14,893 524 15

Waking up in the body of a Romani Archiman is acceptable. Getting 3rd and 1st True Magics is nice. Getting Beasts as pets - delightful. The world of DxD is unforgivable. It's a world where some teenagers who aren't even two decades old somehow mystically defeat the descendants of legendary heroes, ancient demons, powerful dragons, etc. Why does this happen? Simply because! Simply put, this world only makes sense because it doesn't. And now, I have to put up with the fact that I live here. Such pain. (DxDxMulti)…