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Protective Arms (Completed)

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Athena owns and runs a beauty salon downtown. One day she started receiving random calls and texts from an unknown number.
At first, she brushed it off until they became threats and her best friend, Bethany, urges her to file a police report.

What happens when the threats start to happen and a Detective gets put on the case?

Will he be able to solve the case before falling for Athena?

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Scarian Oneshots

Scarian Oneshots

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Grian and scar oneshots :D…



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"The Outer Banks. Paradise on earth."Life for Jannah Pearl Young had just begun.A new home, friendships and maybe even love. Join her on this wild, scary, chaotic adventure on paradise on earth.//Started writing: 2019 (but I gave up until now lol) Finished: On hold(Seasons 1-)…