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Nathan Anderson and Henry Carter are childhood best friends but unfortunately the same cannot be said about their children - Ethan Anderson and Allison Carter. They're more like childhood enemies with Ethan playing pranks on Allison and her trying to stay as far as possible from him.

Meet Allison Emily Carter, twenty-five and still single, an animal lover and a veterinarian by profession, she has it all- a dream job, loving parents, two caring best friends and a refrigerator filled with dozens of packets of Hershey's Kisses and Nutella Jars. Allison loves being surrounded by her loved ones. She cannot even imagine her life without them, being all alone.

Meet Ethan Lucas Anderson, a Harvard University graduate and the UK's most eligible bachelor, also a total workaholic and womanizer. He doesn't need anyone or so is what he thinks.
Work, drink and girls is what Ethan does.
"I have come into this world alone and I will leave it alone and so I live in it alone as well." Is Ethan's life principle.

What happens when these two headstrong individuals with very different views on life are stuck together due to unfavourable circumstances?

Hop in to join me in this ride filled with sarcastic remarks, humour, cute talks, steamy romance, heartbreaks and a lot of fun events!

Cover Credits : me [cookiedough0104]

All forms of media used in this book belong to their respective owners. I do not own any of them unless stated otherwise.

Copyright © YUMNA 2020

[ 1,00,000 - 1,30,000 words ]
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The hellspawn of remanent (spawn oc x RWBY)

The hellspawn of remanent (spawn oc x RWBY)

384 2 11

Just like his brother he was sent to a different universe to be protected but unlike his brother he was sent to another planet than earthAj is sent to remanent by his older brother william Simmons unlike his brother John this new world was filled with magicW…

The Fairy's Blessing (TWST  Fanfiction)

The Fairy's Blessing (TWST Fanfiction)

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Eyes of sparkling emerald green, innocence that shines like dawn, and hair a vibrant crimson shade-her presence in Night Raven College was regarded as an anomaly, for reasons no one has any idea how she got there or her purpose. But her naivety was not cute, her presence was not wholly welcomed. Accompanied by a brash and uncooperative talking beast named Grim, she will leave her trails of rose petals and be marked as the first female student of Night Raven College.…

First time falling

First time falling

3,168 71 27

Taylor moretti is a 15 year old girl who lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone. Despite being semi popular in school most people know her as the moretti's cute little sister, well at least thats what they thinkThe moretti brothers are known for being the town hot shots, everyone and I mean everyone knows and respects them. There either intimidated by them or are in complete awe of them.What happens when a family friend from a couple years back and his jerky mysterious baseball playing brother Hudson who she doesn't particularly like moves into the penthouse next door.What happens when he realizes what a beautiful girl she's turned into and that she's not so shy anymore.Other than occasionally trying to act mysterious, going to party's, taking risks, riding motorcycles and skipping classes what happens when he realizes his soft spot for her.…

New era👋🏼

New era👋🏼

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Help me pick a new user and theme!…

the curse if immortality

the curse if immortality

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when Austin was growing up, he knew about his curse, the curse that followed him everywhere, immorality. years after he meets the love of his life, grace, he is faced with a growing problem. how will he live without her, when she dies, he will be left alone, forever. he knows he never should've fallen for her, but how could he not?…

Overlord: The Path of Sin

Overlord: The Path of Sin

467 14 19

In the year 2128, a young man, plagued by genetic diseases and confined to his home, stumbles upon a radiant source of entertainment in the form of a DMMO-RPG.As he immerses himself in the world of Yggdrasil, a DMMO-RPG that has swept Japan by storm, his bleak existence transforms into one filled with a lot of fun and exhilarating adventures.Upon discovering and acquiring a game-breaking class from the gacha, he embarks on a journey through Yggdrasil, determined to reach the pinnacle of power. With his vast wealth, he uses gacha items to become the best player of Yggdrasil.Yet, at the final moment of Yggdrasil, he finds himself transported to a new world, one filled with boundless entertainment and mysteries, ripe for conquest.In this unfamiliar world, his NPCs spring to life, and his powers become real, with overwhelming force that he struggles to control. Where will this unpredictable path lead him? What fate awaits "The Sin" as he navigates through this 'New World'?Warning! Disclaimer: This fanfic will have harem, and is mostly Wish-Fulfilment, with slow pace. However, it will not be too long before the new world. The protagonist will also be overpowered, so leave if you don't want that.*Overlord doesn't belong to me. It's rightful owner and Author is Kugane Maruyama, all credit goes to him.**The cover image doesn't belong to me. I found it on Pinterest, if the artists wants me to remove it, please contact me through comments.*…