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Zeeshan Malik, the star badminton player's career is on a decline, his stardom is receding and if nothing is done soon, it might just fade and become part of collection of stories of people who had potential to be great but never achieved greatness. He didn't want to be an easily forgettable short story but a grand tale that's spoken of for ages.

If Akira Shah wasn't so focused on the singular goal of being a good, sufficient parent for her daughter, she would've definitely opened a club that discussed ways of extinction of the species named men. They were despicable. And when her little girl gets obsessed with a badminton player she saw on the television, Akira already found herself hating a person who she hadn't ever seen or encountered.

But Akira had never been fate's favoured child and seemed like this time she was destined to be that tale of Zeeshan's life, one whose imprint no waves of ocean can wash away.
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