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Our Disconnected Love Story✔

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The phone is ringing.
But Tanvi was too scared to answer the call. She was not ready to talk to him or even hear his voice. She wanted to run away from the present, but she couldn't evade her present.
She hadn't talked to him for the past week, and he had called her a number of times. That day itself, he called 5 times. So, finally, with trembling hands, she answered the phone to tell him the truth.
"Hello," he said as soon as Tanvi answered the call.
Tanvi voice was shaking she didn't know what to say. But she mustered her courage somehow and said, " Please don't contact me again. I know I have played with your feelings without knowing who you actually are. I know I have committed a terrible mistake, or I guess, a sin by doing this, but now I want to end this for once and for all. I don't think you can understand me and forgive me, but the only explanation I say to you is that I am really sorry."
He remained silent all this while and did not utter a word. He came to realize that nothing more was left for him to talk. He disconnected the call as soon as she finished her monologue.

Tanvi, a +1 student, decided to attract her crush indirectly gets his phone number and starts talking to him anonymously. Initially, she got rejected, but later, earns his trust and friendship. Slowly their friendship reached another level through their sweet phone calls.

Then, the real truth came out. He was not the crush whom Tanvi imagines him to be.

So what would Tanvi do?

Would she ever meet the person with whom she developed such a relationship?

Would that person ever want to meet Tanvi after knowing that she played with his feelings, knowingly or unknowingly?

Could they be together?

Let's see what fate has to do with both of them.

A simple love story with its own twists and turns.

This is my 1st story. Hope you will give it a chance, and I'll make sure you won't get too bored.
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이퀴포이즈	╔톡ᐯᴾᴺ3╗	서스타논경구	에난데이트판매처	스테로이드구입	아리미덱스구매대행	스테로이드안약	볼드직구

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디아나볼아나바스택 ╔톡ᐯᴾᴺ3╗ 테스토스테론높은남자 옥시메토론종류 아나바판매처 보디빌딩구입 서스타논효능 스테로이드피부약트렌아세효과 【카톡VPN3』 스테로이드연고근육 트랜볼론도매 이퀴포이즈 아나바용량 스테로이드부작용여자 아나바다운동장점스테로이드투여환자의혈당관리 ≤톡ᴠᑭᑎ3≥ 이퀴택배 시피오구입처 테스토스테론수치nmol/l 테스토스테론목소리 유클리드공간데카르트좌표계 프리모단독프리모데카 ⋞톡VPN3】 아나바단독사이클 보디빌딩매니아구입방법 이큅먼트10em 이큅먼트10다나와 T3복용법 스테로이드연고부작용치료이퀴포이즈도핑 〝톡ᐯᑭN3〞 시피오택배 클렌인젝 스테로이드단독 디아나볼처방 클로미펜직구 서스펜션성분펜토바르비탈구매 ⋘톡νρᑎ3⋙ 스틸녹스파는곳 타목시펜직구 베타덤지스테로이드등급 보디빌딩매니아나무위키 디볼인젝 데카듀라볼린직구프리모램드라이브 ┎톡νρᑎ3┓ 암브로콜후기 클렌부테롤단독 에난데이트나무위키 디볼4주 시피오사진 스테로이드단기간사용스테로이드피부약부작용 「톡ⓥⓟᴺ3」 옥산드롤론성분 에페드린인젝 벌킹스택 테스토스테론음식 서스타논사진 스테로이드개스테로이드개 《톡VPN3》 데카효과시간 서스펜션구입처 테스토스테론 에토미효과 아나볼릭코리아스테로이드 스테로이드주사부작용증상…

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It's the year 2025 , the russian pride RF TARK Pyotr Velikiy will finally be conducted through it's final exercise after years of serving for the navy. The decommissioning ceremony will be held the day right after it returned to the port. The modified armaments will be installed on a new much more modern Kirov class battlecruiser , RF Admiral Nakhimov . When it's on it's way back sailing to the port , something unexpected happened as it goes missing without a single trace.An Azur Lane fanfiction DISCLAIMER!Azur Lane and ever image included is NOT MINE . They all belong to their respective owners…

''Stellaron flower .that's a nice name to it- .AHHHH NAHIDA DONT BURN QIQI!!!

''Stellaron flower .that's a nice name to it- .AHHHH NAHIDA DONT BURN QIQI!!!" 🪆

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Genshin Impact modern game au and the school au now This Story it's just focussed on the new ones such as Dori ,Wanderer ,Nahida,Klee,Diona,qiqi,Sayu, , Alhaitham,Layla , Heizou . Are going to be in the latest chapters it's probably going to the new characters…

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For a rainy day

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All credit goes to Loudloudlove on a03Louis is struggling; isolated and lonely after a violent relationship ended in kidnap and a near death experience, he is trying to rebuild his life in a new city, staying anonymous amongst the many faces. Every morning he visits the bakery opposite his flat to add a bit of routine to his upside-down world.The owner of the bakery, Harry, notices the man with the beautiful, sad eyes. He sees his lights on in the early hours, watches his shadow pace back and forth. One day, he decides to perform a random act of kindness; a gift pinned to the door with a note: For a rainy day.As Harry begins to fall for the man, he continues to leave him surprises at his front door. But one day, Louis catches him in the act, and he is forced to come clean. They start a friendship, Louis sharing his experiences that led him to where he is now. How will Harry cope when Louis admits he's ready to check out of life? And can he convince him that life really can be wonderful again?ORA secret admirer AU where Harry tries to be the hero Louis desperately needs.…

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Pineapples With Sodium Chloride

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