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Online Love (fem reader × Kenma Haikyuu)

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in where a extrovert gamer joins a Discord friends GC for fun. But soon enough they notice that maybe they're not only Discord and Gaming friends.

I don't own any of the characters except the OC's!

Heavy language and NSFW warning! ⚠️

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Does she not feel The Love?

Does she not feel The Love?

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PREVIEW : | At a convenience store |Y/n : " Hyaa! Do you want me to call the police? Why are you making a scene here " she said it in a loud voice almost like shouting Him : " Do you think that would scare me, You're new here right you little--" the child like little looking y/n in hoodie face covered with mask kicks him in the balls the drunk guy is knocked off by y/n didn't even got the chance to complete his words she just leave her stuff there and walk towards the exit of the convenience store as if nothing happened…

southparkscollabs_0 lore part 1

southparkscollabs_0 lore part 1

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꧁One Message Away // Minsung꧂

꧁One Message Away // Minsung꧂

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"Hi!""Shut the fuck up"L**K*** Sent a friend request [Accept] [Decline] Accepted!"Don't worry love...I'm only one message away..."When two boys in college bond over Discord, not knowing they are room mates untill...⚠️TW!⚠️-mentions of verbal and physical abuse-self harm-Attempted suicide (not added but is planned)This may extend when the ff continues…

hey, i love u

hey, i love u

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in which, students download an app that gives them a tip to who their soulmate is whenever they're in the same room as them. though, most of the tips tend to be quite stupid.…

Left 4 Dead Oneshots

Left 4 Dead Oneshots

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The men of left 4 dead 2 lives rent free in my head. Please enjoy my brain rot :)…

A Life Worth Living  (Daryl's daughter/Carl X OC)

A Life Worth Living (Daryl's daughter/Carl X OC)

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Nell has lost everyone she ever loved. She witnessed her little brother getting tore to shreds right in front of her eyes. And to make things worse, she is alone. At this point, Nell would prefer to get eaten alive by brain-munchers. There's no point in life if she isn't even living- she is just surviving.When the last bit of canned food runs out, it forces Nell to leave her house, but she finds herself in some trouble with a brain-muncher and wakes up in a... farmhouse?Nell knows to never trust anyone, it's what her dad always told her..."Ya want to live?" He asked."Yes, sir." Nell said, her heart pounding in fear."Then trust no one."Before her dad died, Nell had a very strange relationship with him. He was abusive- both physically and emotionally. Nell always thought that was normal. It's normal for dads to get angry and lash out. It's normal to be punished for trying to speak... right?When she meets the group taking shelter at the farmhouse, will she run away? Is her need for a true family stronger than her loyalty to her abusive father?Or will a certain guy with a crossbow and a boy in a sheriff hat show her that life is worth living? • • •Amazing book cover by @tbr_tales !!Daryl's daughter/Carl's loverThe story does not completely follow the plot of The Walking Dead. The plot line strays away from the show at times due to Nell's interference.Tw: Physical abuse, attempted suicide.I do NOT own any of the walking dead characters except for Nell, Ollie, Zara and a bunch of others that may be in the story that aren't from twd.#1 in darylsdaughter 09/01/23#1 in daryldixondaughter 09/01/23#1 in abraham 09/05/23 #7 in carlgrimes 08/30/23#2 in glennrhee 09/20/23#1 in Alexandria 09/26/23…

I don't fuckin know

I don't fuckin know

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just me being a dramatic bitch who is tired of life and complaining like a fuckin Karen,haha I'm such a damn loser !!!…

Love story

Love story

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hii enjoy . tom Kaulitz it was your bf . Bill was so jealous…

the green raven

the green raven

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what if Deku I was born a girl what if he had Raven abilities read and find out what happened…

It's Time To Go,               House of the Dragon

It's Time To Go, House of the Dragon

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And you know in your soul, it's time to goSer Harwin Strong/ House of the DragonSeason 1…